I spent a good part of yesterday putting away this: my laundry pile.  I've been adding to it for the last couple of weeks but not subtracting from it so I figured it was high time.  (get it?  high time.  haha.)  (sorry.)

My sewing machine was under that pile and I hope to use it soon.  I've been letting my mind drift and wander and fill with ideas and things I'd like to try for a while now and I am so happy to get the chance to finally try some of them.  Today since Nicky's been asleep I've painted a few things with chalkboard paint (!!), played with some felted sweaters (that time of year!) and made some fabric tape to stick a few pretty things up on our bedroom wall.  I love having some time to b r e a t h e and just do what I want.  Such a gift.

Before the baby (shut up.  he is still a baby.) went down for his nap, we took a long walk.  My instinct today was to hole up in the house and wait for the 87 degree temps to end (tomorrow) but I'm so glad we went out.  There is a gorgeous breeze and we ended up at James' school right about when he'd be coming out after lunch.  We hung around and surprised him...it was so cute.  About 3 times he said he couldn't believe we were there and then asked if we could come every day.  awwwww.  Maybe not every day but probably once a week.  I think tomorrow we'll pop in on Ruby.

Tomorrow morning will be my first time volunteering in Ruby's class and I am so excited!  A friend and I are trading off babysitting every other week so we can both have some time with our kindergartners.  I am also using some of my precious free time to help out in James' class every other Thursday.  I am really happy to be able to spend some time in both of their classrooms this year.

I haven't talked about Thursdays yet, have I?  Nicky is going to my friend's house down the street on Thursdays now.  gulp.  He started last Thursday and did GREAT...even took a nap for her!  I have to say that he actually looked mildly disappointed when I went to pick him up.  The nerve!  :)  Last spring Patrick and I decided that it would be nice (understatement) for me to have some time to myself during the week this year.  I hope to use the time to make stuff and sell it but am happy to be able to do other things like volunteering or appointments (or thrifting) too.  It feels like a luxury and I am so grateful.  I also know that Nicky is going to have lots of fun playing with different toys and another baby one day a week.  My little nugget.  I was so proud of him.  (little sob.)

Happy Monday, dear ones.  I will have some pictures of my darling nieces (and nephew) tomorrow.



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