it feels like a wednesday

Nicky and I just got home after a busy morning of volunteering (making applesauce with Ruby's class) and a trip to the mall (returning swimsuits purchased in July.)  He just went down for a nap so I have a bit of quiet before the big kids get home.
To get caught up with all the bits floating in my brain, a list:

  • I was so excited to meet my friends at Cranberry Fest last Saturday.  So excited!  And then Friday night my throat started to hurt and I got the chills.  :(  I didn't go anywhere on Saturday except to my bed...for nearly 24 hours.  It felt so good and was just what my body needed because I felt mostly better by Sunday afternoon.
  • I watched a lot of TV on Saturday.  It was fun.  (but not as fun as Cranberry Fest with Melissa and Angie would have been.)  
  • I got out bed for 20 minutes on Saturday afternoon to put a roast in the oven.  It turned out DELICIOUS.  I used this recipe with no fresh herbs and a beer in place of the wine and some of the broth.  I also added potatoes.  Delicious.
  • My neighbor that watched Nicky on Thursdays (all 2 of them) isn't going to have the other kid she watched anymore so I decided to pull Nicky, too.  If he's going to sit around with just an adult all day it can be me.  :)  A friend did suggest another sitter in my neighborhood so I might call her tomorrow.  I hope it's not the end of "freebird thursdays" as my sister-in-law calls them.  :)
  • I just bought a Groupon yesterday for a 2 month pass for the Princeton Club for $50.  It needs to be activated by 12/29/11.  I am now deciding when I'm going to start.  I might wait until the last minute so we'll have something to go out and do during those 2 cold months of winter.  They have a beautiful child care facility for Nicky and even the big kids if I ever want to take them in the late afternoon.  Kind of excited about it.  :)
  • I am starting up regular exercise here again - besides just walking with Nicky.  I felt like such a loser last week because I was so tired, had NO motivation and was eating everything.  It's obvious now that my body was fighting a cold but I got pretty down on myself.  (I tend to do that.  sigh.)  I am feeling better now and am figuring out where I can fit exercise into my new schedule.  Looks like early mornings are still it because I only feel like relaxing at nap time.  Wish me luck!  I'd like to lose 3-5 lbs by Halloween.  I think this means I need to stop eating so many cookies.  crap.  
  • The good news is that I maintained my weight loss all summer!  woohoo! 
  • The bad news is that my body seems pretty comfortable here and I'm nervous that it might take a lot of work to push me under this weight. 
  • I put the flannel sheets on our bed yesterday and was hot all night.  Might be a tad too early for flannel sheets.
  • Thanks for the scarf love.  :)  Yesterday morning when Patrick left he warned me not to make too much stuff as the scissors were already out at 8am.  :)
 That is just a quick update of what's going on around here.  I have to go make some coffee now.

As always, thank you so much to my friends and family for reading...and for the rest of you lurkers, whoever you are!  :)



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