it's sunny! and friday!

Nicky and I are about to go do some errands.  I had 2 etsy sales this week that I need to get shipped out.  I got a new postal scale that I LOVE but am still nervous to print my postage at home.  Isn't that dumb?  :)  I just want to ask them a question first and then I'll be ready.  (she says convincingly.)

I finished the STUPIDEST book ever last night.  I've enjoyed some Anne River Siddons books as they are set down South (many in Georgia) and I love reading books set in places I love to visit.  This one, however, was like she was trying to be Anne River Siddons/Stephen King and it was SO FREAKING STUPID.  oh my gosh.  I was curious right up until the last few pages where it was going, how she was going to make it work, and she never did.  (there were no amazon review when I put it on my hold list, btw.)

I had a nice dinner (though an icky sandwich) with some friends last night.  Yay!  I got turned down by one potential babysitter (too many kids) and am waiting to get the other's phone number.  boo.  I am hopeful, though.  Yay!  This is boring.


Have a great weekend!  I will most likely be back tomorrow with my first simple way to change your life and make you happy forever. 




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