just right

I have a lot I want to get done today.  It's all stuff I am looking forward to doing and I'm so happy that I get the chance to do it unencumbered by my (dear) children.

Ruby wore a new outfit to school today without complaining - she picked it! - and looked so darling.

James is having a hard time adjusting to wearing jeans again but is doing his best.  He marker-ed his belly button blue a while ago but it still surprises me every time I see it.  It looks pretty cute.

Nicky woke up happy but was immediately suspicious of the striped scarf I was wearing.  He was happy to arrive at Lisa's but started to cry as I left.  I listened outside the front door and he stopped within 5 seconds.

I just took a 15 minute break to sit here and blog and fb and read a few blogs.  I am dressed (with my shoes on!), listening to Mumford & Sons and have already finished something that I think turned out SO cute.  I can't wait to show you later!  :)



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