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Our first night in Duluth we met my Dad at his Wednesday night car show at the Iron Clyde. The Iron Clyde used to be an iron working plant called Clyde Iron. The current owners gutted it and turned it into a cool bar/restaurant. The food was just okay for the price, I thought, but the atmosphere is great. Ruby took a lot of these pictures, as she did throughout our trip.

A different night we met my brother and Erin, my Dad and Mari for Shamrock pizza (a favorite!!) and then went to see my aunt Marlene at the opening ceremonies for her Dragon Boat races.  (My aunt, who lost her husband last January, is a breast cancer survivor!)  There were fireworks afterwards that went off so fast we couldn't believe it.  They were like super-speed and we all just laughed.  We think the people lighting them off were a bit drunk.  nice. 

Another night we dropped the big kids at Grandma's house and Nicky at my aunt Kristy's (bless their hearts) and went out for dinner.  My husband is hot.  The fish tacos at the Brew House were delicious.
We rented one of those bikes again and rode all around.  Patrick insisted we go off course and we ended up sailing down the parking lot of the DECC (a big convention center) was so fun.  We made it back to the Canal to see a big ship come through.  I never tire of this even though I've seen it hundreds of times in my life.

I remember my mom taking us to Canal Park when it was just the canal, basically.  All that was there was the marine museum and a small restaurant, Mr. Nick's,  where they would give you little paper packets of fryer leftovers to feed the seagulls!  Can you imagine?  The rocks that my kids climb on now are the same ones I was climbing on 30 years ago.  Love that.

Love Duluth.



  1. Your kids just keep getting cuter and cuter! Love the pics!


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