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There was a (practically) mandatory meeting for parents at church on Sunday that I went to myself. After church I accidentally ended up at Kohl's (and the mall and Saver's) and happened upon this (not so little) beauty:
I love it.  The colors don't truly come through but it is shiny and sparkly and will be so fun to wear sometime.  It's not the best with my fleece but you'll have to trust me.  :)  I also got the hot mess below because I pretty much couldn't put it down.  (vera wang for 90% off.)
I knew I couldn't wear it as it was so I got out my little pliers and started editing.  I ended up with this single necklace:

and this longer one:
Both are much more my taste now and neither one weighs 40 lbs.  I still have 2 flowers left that I am going to turn into a barrette and a belt buckle.


At Saver's I got these 2 lovely pieces (for $4 total)
and turned them into this:

yay or nay?  Be honest.  I can take it.  (trust me, I've taken some "nays" lately.)  :)


It's almost time for my children to get off the bus.  Nicky and I had a very nice coffee date this morning followed by some grocery shopping.  There are still bags of groceries all over my floor (I put the cold stuff away) but I decided I just needed to chill in front of the computer for a while. 

I am in the process of changing summer clothes over to fall clothes and am SO bored with my fall stuff.  I had lots of cute summer stuff and all my fall stuff seems so blah.  Thus the loud jewelery.  ??  sigh.



  1. You have such a knack for jewelry!!! I love what you did with your Savers steal. I never would have thought to seperate the neck weight. Perfect idea :)

  2.'ve impressed your mother once again.....I really like what you did with the jewelry......a lot! you can jazz up all your old and blah fall clothes :). Good job, Bob. Kiss the kids from gramma. I love and miss you all. I need to come down....I'm almost out of wine :). mum

  3. I think it all looks great....I love re-purposing things!Definitely makes it more personal and it's fun!

  4. big gaudy necklaces for everyone!

  5. I love them all! good eye seester!


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