How did 6.5 hours go by sooooo fast? 

I got a ton done today but, seriously!  I can't believe it's nearly 3 o'clock.

I got 6 of these listed on etsy:

 (you can find them here)

I also finished 10 wine bags.  4 were part of a special order of 6 that I received and 6 more are listed here.

These wine bags got me a ton of ridicule when I first debuted (too strong of a word?  :) ) them but they are a consistently good seller for me.  Just goes to show...never listen to the haters.

ahhahahahha!  I am kidding.  No one cared about these enough to hate them.  They were just misunderstood.

Cheers to Thursdays!



  1. Have you seen this?


    Something for you to do with the bodies (?) of the sweaters, too! Cute!


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