you guys.

Nicky and I came out of a doctor appt. at 10am and the whole (beautiful) day stretched in front of us.  It was gorgeous out so I stopped and got a coffee (with no kids begging for chocolate milk) and took us for a walk by Wingra Creek and through Vilas Park.  (with no kids begging to go in the zoo.)  We walked for an hour and a half (with no complaining) and headed to the thrift store afterwards.  (where no one begged for toys.)  Nicky fell asleep on the way home and has been snoozing ever since.

Seriously.  This is so awesome.  I feel like someone is giving me a big present every morning and when I open it there is a card inside that says, "You can do whatever you want today!"

You know I love me some James and Ruby but it really feels like an 85lb. weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

Speaking of James and Ruby, they are still on my mind during the day.  The most important thing I am doing for them while they are gone is preparing for their return.  I am picking up the house and prepping dinner during the day so when they get home I can just hang out with them for the afternoon.  We talk about school, empty their folders, have a snack and I listen to James read.  They play outside, watch a little TV or we play a board game or walk to the park. 

This is just such a nice change.  If loving school is wrong, I don't want to be right.



  1. It's the payoff for all your hard work. Put in the effort and you'll reap the rewards!!
    I felt very happy this morning after I dropped Ben off at preschool. Shopping at Tar-jay without begging is so wonderful. AND being able to enjoy my coffee before it gets cold. School pickup is a joy too. Good times girl!!!

  2. what a freeing feeling! I love how you are able to tend to your own needs as well as theirs. Happy for you!

  3. Sounds wonderful (I have not had time to enjoy my off time yet, funny how 3 hours starting at 7:30 does not seem like much time;)

  4. Good times indeed, Susan! :) Zoe - just think of next year! alllllll day with no kids for you! :) You'll get used to the early wake up soon. right? ;)

  5. i laughed out loud at your last line in this post and i haven't laughed all day.

    thank you!

  6. I'm getting a little taste of freedom since Keaton started kindergarten, however, it's like the other two know that I might get some free time and do what they can to take it up anyhow! It is easier to run errands with two instead of three, and Avery is not a whiner for toys and stuff like Keaton is...he's the oldest and more often than not, the most difficult...I love the free feeling, I feel like a caged animal most of the time. I don't think Jason understands when he get's home and I can't get out fast enough! I'm happy for your new found free time...Enjoy!!


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