fall perfection

Selfishly, I needed the day we had on Saturday. It was one of my favorite kinds of days...all of us together, outside, sunshine, some hiking, happy kids...so much good stuff.

I had heard about Peck's Market on facebook, maybe?  When we were gifted with a beautiful Saturday and nothing planned, we decided to check it out. 

It is such a cool place!  Bring lots of quarters for feed and hand sanitizer if you go.  The wagon ride, "train" ride, petting zoo, and bounce house are all free.  The corn maze (which we did not do) was a very reasonable $4 per adult and $2.50 per child. 

The kids just loved the sweet animals.
This guy and Ruby have the same color hair.

Nicky even got in on the action.

The shop is STUFFED with yummy treats.  I bought some apple cider donuts for Patrick and I (we had planned a hot chocolate date for after bedtime) and we all shared some peanut & egg free candy corn from Jelly Belly.

On our way to Peck's we noticed a sign that said Road to Tower Hill State Park 1 Mile.  After leaving Peck's we ventured up the road to the beautiful park.  It is an old lead shot mining site so we walked up a HUGE hill to see the historic building and amazing views.  Patrick and Nicky fell behind us on the way up but Patrick marked the trail with a stick to show me that Nicky had walked 3/4 the way up that hill.  Amazing with those little legs.

Ruby had the camera for a long time.  Here is a picture of me reprimanding her.  :)
On the way down:
When I asked the kids what they wanted to do after church yesterday they both said come back to these places.  Me too!  The park is only open through October so if you're going to visit, plan a trip soon.  Having both places so close together makes for a perfect day trip.  The quiet, dense forest was the perfect companion to the crazy fun of Peck's.



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