freebird friday

Nicky is at a new babysitter's house today. I felt so sad about dropping him off last night/this morning (like I have the other times) but as soon as I do, I am so happy. :) It's always hard to say goodbye to my little sidekick but a break sure is nice.

My mood improved greatly yesterday. Thank you for your comments and commiserations. Angry moms unite! :) 

I've been listing more stuff on etsy this morning, mostly vintage. I'm not really in the mood to sew today so I think I am going to take myself to lunch and the thrift store in a little while. I deserve it. :)

I listed this earlier in the week:
We had lunch down on State Street yesterday.  I love food carts.  My choice wasn't particularly good but the time overall was good enough to make up for it.  How beautiful is that view?  It was warm and windy and all those small golden leaves were raining down on lovely.
After Heidi and her daughter left, Nicky and I walked for a while.  When I saw a sign for Pumpkin Spice frozen yogurt at Red Mango, I had to stop.  Mmmmmmm.  So tangy and delicious.  (Nicky insists on his own spoon.)
And here is another item I listed this morning.  I love the chalkboard paint and I think it's a cute idea to leave little inspirational notes for yourself or your family.  I've had the mirror since August and after I saw The Help last month I had this vision:

You is!!



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