I started yesterday by gluing magnets onto some plastic spiders I got in the dollar spot at target ala Sarah.  Then I hung up the little pumpkin garland and realized my curtains weren't working for Halloween.  I had just found this length of polka dot knit at the dig so I stitched the ends together (because I want to use it for something else later on) and made a simple curtain.
This lamp wasn't really working for me but I loved the bandana!
Always fun to pull out my pillow covers.  Still love that fabric.
I ordered these straws off of etsy.  I just saw that she has polka dotted ones, too.  Oh dear.
I spray painted some dried willow branches and stuck them in some dirt from outside so they'd stay put.  This little bucket was also from the dollar spot.
Okay, that's much better.  One old lampshade + spray paint = happy afternoon.  The jelly beans around the candle are nearly gone already.  Ruby, Ruby, Ruby.
This was a white salt shaker.  I love him.
Bawk!  The kids loved this when they spotted it.
And my banner is up in the kitchen.
I messed around with this stuff all day.  It was so fun.

Now I am exhausted and am going to lie down for a while.  6:30 came awfully early today.



  1. it all looks so cute honey.....reminded me that I have a halloween banner from you too, so I'm going to put it up. the kids will love it all....what did nicky have to say??? xo mamma

  2. I bet your kids LOVED coming home from school and seeing all of the decorations. Your house is so cute and festive! Love it!

  3. I love the spiders... I might have to go to Target and get some:)


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