help me??

I need to know if my blog posts are coming through the readers.  Are they?  Also, if you come to my actual blog, is it really here??   Do you see the ghost header or a new look?  I suppose if it isn't here, I won't hear from anyone.  :)  Thanks for your help.


  1. I read through google reader! And I see a ghost header.

  2. I can read your blog, but no ghost header.

  3. Oh man - just lost a long response. Maybe how you lost yours on my blog the other day. grr......

    I can see your name and tagline but no picture. I think your blog looks like mine did.

    And the summation of the rest of my lost comment - glorious weather, love your suggestions, still not flossing (but thinking about it, which is an improvement).

  4. I clicked on the link in my favorites and it's just a reader thing, no pics etc. Did you have better luck at the dig then me??


  5. Back to normal. I love that header font!


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