I promise I'm not avoiding you

It's just that I helped in James' classroom last Friday (loved that) and then did a little thrifting and then picked up the kids and the house and had supper and drove to the airport to pick up the husband!  We were so happy to have him home again.  So happy.  Also, I enjoyed the week to "myself."  Which feels good.  Good to miss him, good to have some quiet evenings to myself and very good to have him home.  Nicky fell asleep on the way to the airport, stayed asleep in the stroller while waiting for him and getting him and his luggage and then kept sleeping while we put him back in the carseat and drove the 40 minutes home and then continued to sleep while we put him in his crib and then slept all night.  Tired, maybe?  So he didn't know Daddy was home until Saturday morning.  :)

Saturday was spent doing who knows what (oh, a long walk for me and Nicky and a movie date for Ruby and lots of legos and TV for James) while Patrick napped on and off.  I made fish sticks for dinner and James thanked me for making them as I never had before and Patrick admitted they were very good and we all ate them right up.  (except Ruby who was at a movie date but she wouldn't have eaten them anyways, I bet.)

Sunday was church in the morning for me and the big kids.  Nicky and Daddy stayed home with thick snot coming out of one of their noses.  After church we ate at Noodles and looked at winter jackets.  (I ended up getting both of their jackets online at Lands End for $100 total.  Kind of a lot but their jackets are such nice quality and they were on sale and I had a coupon and blah, blah, blah.  note to self:  remember to buy end of season sale jackets this year!!!)  Sunday afternoon was another walk and boy scouts and a trip to Walgreens for me to use some coupons.  It was fun...I got about $90 worth of stuff we needed for $29.  Not too bad for my first couponing experience in a very long time.

Yesterday was hellacious/good/hellacious.  It started with James complaining (loudly) about going to school from the moment his crusty little eyes popped open.  It was a long 40 minutes until he was out the door but I managed.  After that it was a mostly normal day for Nicky and I except he was super needy and wouldn't stop making this little noise he makes.  (it's kind of like "eh" and he does it in a higher pitch as a question and a lower pitch as a need and in the middle for EVERYTHING else.)  And then the kids got home and Ruby was an emotional mess and wild and Nicky wouldn't stop making that noise or get away from my legs and I had the tickling of a headache and it was *this close* to being too much for me.  Luckily I had put a delicious roast in the oven and Patrick got home on the early side.  whew.  Glad to put that day to bed.

I have a very important milestone coming up.  I am going away this weekend, for 2 nights, by myself, for the first time in over 18 months.  My little nursling will be fine, Patrick assures me, and I am going for it.  My darling cousintine is having her first baby and I get to be there to shower her.  Eeeeeek!  So excited.  I can't wait to see her and her belly and her husband and all the rest of my beloved family.  Super fun!  I am leaving at the butt crack of dawn on Friday.  Okay, not really.  I decided I would drive the kids to school and then hit the highway.  I didn't want to make my weekend too packed with stuff but I had a dream about my friend Cherie last night so I might see if she can meet me for lunch on Sunday.  It was so good to see her in my dream, I can't imagine what real life would be like.  :)

In sad/personal/highly annoying news, I have gained 3 pounds and it is just not going away.  I haven't been doing or not doing anything differently so it is really annoying.  Oh.  One thing is different...I have had my period for 3 weeks now.  I normally gain weight when I get my period but it goes away when it's over.  The thing is, this period isn't ending.  I got an IUD put in last month and they said this might happen.  (bleeding for up to 90 days for some women.)  I am just hoping that it ends sooner than later and that the extra weight goes with it.  ??  It's frustrating to be back up when I wanted to be down this month but I'm not sure what to do.  sigh.  At least my clothes still all fit me.  I'm not sure where this extra weight is, exactly.  I must be retaining water even though I'm drinking tons of it.  OH WELL.  right?

And with that I will sign off.  To exercise.  Nicky loves to watch me, actually.  :)  Oh, and I typed this whole (long, boring) post while he was playing by himself.  He must be feeling better today.  Thank God.


  1. Ugh, I hate that never ending period when you try and mess with that stuff. I hope it stops soon!

    Sounds like you are busy, busy. The break will be nice!

  2. we are so excited to see you and so glad you were able to make this work! your little nursling will be fine...don't fret. see you Friday!
    xoxo, cousintine

  3. So then, what is my excuse for gaining 5 pounds the last two weeks. I'm hoping it is the period thing. Could be that I haven't exercised other than karate in 2 weeks also. Have fun this weekend.


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