in every moment, thank God

Nicky enjoying some green smoothie the other morning. I love his little hands. love them.
We started draining the rain barrels on Monday.  Lots of fun.
I saved these from The Graphics Fairy and got them printed out at Walgreens.  The bat's head was cut off a bit but I don't mind.  I think the skull is my favorite.

Our beds smell so good.

I am behind on tips but there just hasn't been much time to blog this week.  This is my busy week where I volunteer in both classes and watch my friend's baby and Patrick is gone and there is a daisy scout hayride tonight (babysitter coming for boys so I can go with Ruby) and blah, blah, blah.  It's been a good week, though.  I haven't talked to Patrick since Monday but am tracking him through his debit card purchases.  :)  He is supposed to call later on today.

I talked to my sister earlier and told her I bought something last night to make something I've wanted to make for years and she told me SHE bought the SAME THING last week to make the SAME THING.  Now.  How do we do that?  Pretty funny.  I guess I can cross her off of my list of recipients.  :)  Do you wonder what we're making?  It's right here.

I sewed a (nother) scarf this week that I adore.  I will show you soon.  I would show you now but my camera battery is charging.

The kids loved the decorations...they were so surprised!  It was cute.  Dang it.  The sun is coming out.  I kind of wanted a gloomy day today.  I will just have to suffer through the sunshine.  ;)

Okay, here's a quick #9 before I go:

9.  be thankful.  every day.  I try to thank God for every good thing in my life and I think, no, I KNOW, it makes me feel better.  When you take a moment to say a prayer or make a list of things you're grateful for it reminds you of all the good things around you and where they all come from.  God loves to give us good stuff and loves to know we appreciate it.  I saw this on pinterest and it fit in so well:

(found here on pinterest)

I started this post hours ago and now Nicky is sleeping and I am going to do something.  I'm not sure what yet but something.  The clouds just came out, too.  perfect timing.  :)



  1. I've been making vanilla for years. Love it!

  2. vanilla's been on my to-make list for years, too!

  3. have you been using the same beans over and over, mim? I can't wait! :)

  4. Love this post. Such a sweet mix of pictures and inspiration. XOXO
    A. Kristy


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