not how it's supposed to be

So.  I am feeling really sad this morning and need to shake it off if I can.  Nicky is at the babysitter's house!  I have time to sew and list stuff in my etsy shop.  bah.  All I really want to do is run away to the thrift store but I know that is irresponsible of me when there is stuff I really need to finish.

James was such a pill this morning.  Complaining about the new jacket that HE picked out.  sigh.  I need to think of a consequence for this because I cannot listen to him every morning.  I let those kids wear pretty much whatever they want pretty much ALL the time.  When I say sweatshirt weather is over, it's OVER.  (imagine me roaring and beating chest.) 

Jeez, you are thinking.  What's got into her???

Some of you know how James can be relentless sometimes and won't stop complaining until you've pretty much taken away his birthday.  That is hard to deal with calmly, especially at 7:30 am on a Monday.  And on a holiday where you tried so hard to make things special for him and his sister.  blech.

Also, it's Halloween and the babysitter is taking Nicky to the school to see the kindergartners parade around before lunch in their costumes.  (her son is in K also.)  How strange would it be for me to go and see Nicky there with another mom???  He would be so confused.  So Ruby will see Nicky there with Sarah (babysitter) and not me because I am hiding at home.  strange.  I don't feel bad about missing the parade itself because it is an unadvertised thing they do and I've already seen her in her costume for 2 events and will again tonight.  Still, the motherly guilt is there.  How is it for moms who work regularly and have to miss stuff?  so hard, I bet.

I'm feeling a bit better.  I always like to complain here sometimes just in case you ever think I am always happy.  :)

I hope you are having a good day so far.  Thank you to everyone who helped me out with the blog thing.  I think it's fixed now.  I liked that new format (that I first saw on Teresa's blog) but it had some kinks, for sure.  Back to basics for me.

xoxo and thanks for listening.


  1. Yeah, I ditched the new format too. Old Skool for me.

    That would be weird, going to school and seeing your baby with another mom. And it is hard missing school events while working. I feel the worst when I miss field trips, which I think I've done 100 percent of the time since returning to work. I have a very loose sense of who is in any of my children's classes, and I don't like it.

    Anyhow, your complaints were quite non-complainy to read. However, I may feel different if this becomes a regular thing, so don't get used to it. Haha, kidding of course. Glad you're feeling better. :)


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