pre-flu shot fun

I was scrolling through my pictures today and found these from the gym last week. Was that flu shot horror just last week? Yikes. Time flies when you're trying to forget a traumatic and humiliating experience.  Anyways. It is notoriously hard to get good photos in these gyms. I've never had much luck. (click that link to see tiny james.  so cute.)

Can you spot the nickers?
there he is.

We had the place practically to ourselves that day.  There was just one other girl and her annoying helicopter father there.  Seriously.  Do you have to run around and play with your daughter the whole time, pal?  You are making me A) nauseous and B) look bad.  (you can just see him in the foam pit in the last photo.  gah.  Yes, I went in the foam pit as well but not by choice.  Nicky ran full tilt down this trampoline right into it.  It was so cute that I guess I didn't mind fishing him out.)

Nicky and I had lunch with James at school today.  It was fun and I loved how happy James was to have us there.  Nicky went down for his nap as soon as we got home at noon.  The boy was tired.  I have been sewing and enjoying the quiet ever since.  (and maybe eating some nachos.  Nicky ate most of our pizza at school and mandarin oranges have never been my thing.)  I finally cut into my cashmere stash that I have been hoarding for years.  It is making me so happy and I have a couple of projects planned now.  Nothing super fancy but isn't anything involving cashmere kind of fancy?  It is to me. 

Two days ago marked the 5 year anniversary of my blog!  wow.  Time also flies when you go on and on about yourself, I guess.  This was one of my first posts.  I still love that picture.  If you look at the archives on the side it shows some posts in 2005 but those aren't real posts.  I just used random days to store some headers and stuff.  Just in case anyone thought I was making up my anniversary or something.  :)  I was so happy when I started blogging!  I loved sharing little tidbits with my mom, my first reader.  This gem from Oprah has always stayed with me and I've checked my poop for letters ever since.  And you have to go watch James eating his first sour patch kid. That video has had over 1000 views on YouTube.  (It is practically like those little girls singing that filthy Nicky Minaj song!) I mainly love being able to go back and read about our days together and the little things the kids have said.  

Ahhhhh, blogging.  xoxo


  1. Yeah, it looks like he recovered.......:) The place looks wonderful, Nicky must look so little on all that big-kid stuff, hmmm? The video of James made me laugh and tear up....he was SO LITTLE! I want your entire blog made into a book, with pictures of course, for my birthday.....this year :). Get on it sweetheart.....xo, mama

  2. Can you adjust the shutter speed on your camera? If so you could stop the motion in the picts. Just a thought...


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