quick weekend recap

My weekend away was perfect. I loved it! I cannot even believe how quickly a 4.5 hour drive goes when you are by yourself and have a good book to listen to. It went by so fast! I loved it! The weather was beautiful. I loved it! (okay, I'll stop now with the I loved it!)

On Friday afternoon, Sarah and I took a beautiful walk and she treated me to a delicious coffee at the coolest little place.  We basically talked, talked, talked until bedtime.  It was so fun and I loved getting to know her husband a little bit.
On Saturday we got up and went to Jessica's house (her house is SO cute!) for Sarah's shower.  The shot below is staged but only because I just missed her doing this for real:
Here is my auntie Lee and my cousins:  Eryn, Sarah and Jessica:
Lee & Sarah:  (and baby Eden, in utero)
Here I am with my cousins, including sleeping cousin Rachel:
Here we are with awake Rachel and Jess' daughter Ivy:
Here is uncle Ben making us coffee (he always makes everyone coffee):
and Auntie Kristy with Jess' youngest, Sammy:
We basically talked all day on the shower day, too.  We ate delicious blueberry french toast, pumpkin scones, coffee and fruit.  We later went to Lee & Ben's house and stayed until 11:30pm laughing so hard my throat hurt and practicing embroidery stitches.  :)  Sarah and I didn't go to bed until 1:00am. 

On Sunday Sarah and Yed went to church and I went to my friend Cherie's house.  Guess what we did?  Yes, we talked and talked and ate some delicious pumpkin bread pudding with vanilla brown sugar sauce.  YUMMMMMM.  It was so good to see Cherie again.  It made me want to move next door to her so we could just hang out like we used to.  After that I drove home (again, it flew by) and was greeted by my loving family.  Ruby jumped into my arms and asked me to have some alone time right away.  James gave me a big hug.  Patrick grinned and hugged me and Nicky gave me the sweetest kisses all over my face.  (so sweet.)  Then he asked to nurse.  :/  He is still trying but there isn't much left...I bet we're done within a week. 

Overall, I loved my weekend away.  I loved seeing my family & friend (as always) and loved not being responsible for anyone but myself.  So grateful for all of it.



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