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I love washi tape. It's basically decorative tape that started in Japan and now is everywhere. Here is some Cath Kidston stuff. (I had no idea there was so much Cath stuff on Amazon!!)  Anyways.  Because I have so many pieces of tiny vintage fabric that I love, I decided to make my own.  I just got a roll of double sided tape, cut the fabric to the proper width and stuck it on one side of the tape.  Easy.  Sadly, it doesn't really stick to my walls but I just used some specifically-for-walls stuff on the back and left the tape as is for the decorative effect.  Cute, isn't it?
Here is Ruby prepping lunches one morning.  The first few weeks of school had lots of drama in the mornings but now it's a lot better.  The secret?  I get them up 15 minutes earlier.  How easy is that?  :)  (but you see it took me three weeks to figure it out.  haha)  Not rushing makes everyone happier and there is usually even enough time to cut stuff.
messy nicky.
I made some coasters this week,
and a pillow cover.
And here is my bedroom wall.  I want to add more but am really happy with it so far.  I downloaded the 3 framed prints from IndieFixx and got them printed at Walgreens.  The frames came from either my basement or the thrift store.  (I've also just printed a couple 4x6s of stuff I've liked on Pinterest.) 
Nicky and I had a fab day yesterday at the thrift store (tons of scores!) and on a long walk on the UW bike bath.  I love taking Nicky for walks because A) he loves it and B) whenever someone jogs by us, he will start jogging.  It is the cutest freaking thing.  I love him.

Today the big kids have early release.  12:30 is going to come fast so I best get my butt moving if I want to finish anything around here today.

Have a great day, okay?



  1. I LOVE the pillow cover and the coasters are beautiful. Teach me your ways.

  2. coasters for the mama................:) v. cute.

  3. dear jolee, come over and I will! :) you just need to sew a straight line. I'd love to show you. I bet Kathy would, too. :)

    thanks mama. will you send me the $10? HAHAHAHAHHAA


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