so does this mean I'm doing it now??

I decided not to do the 31 days thing.  At least not officially.  If I was going to do it, here are my first 2 things:

  1. send a card to someone you love.  right now.  today.  (Okay, it's Sunday but you can get it all written out, stamped and in the mailbox with the flag up for tomorrow.)  I got some more heartbreaking news about a different friend on Friday and one of my first thoughts was how long it had been since I had spoken with her and how I never sent her that card I wanted to for her birthday in August.  (the card that I bought and have not one foot from me right now.)  I've always loved making and sending cards and once created a schedule for all of our family so our Gramma would get a card from someone who loved her every week.  A card can be opened when the recipient chooses, unlike a phone call.  The words written in a card can be re-read and re-smiled over many times.  Making others happy makes you happy so please do this one.  I am going to.
  2. floss your teeth.  I have never been a good flosser so I feel SO GOOD about myself when I am doing this regularly like I have been lately.  If you already are a good flosser, give yourself a pat on the back.  I admire you.  :)  Here's some info on why this is so important.


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