taking my own advice

Holy cats am I crabby today!  I think I owe you 3 days worth of happy tips and I really need them today.  I am meeting Heidi for lunch in 3 hours so I need to snap out of this shizzness pronto.  I'm going to:

4.  do one thing I've been putting off doing.  For me today, this is a few things:  shower, get dressed and clean my kitchen.  I know I will feel so much better after those things are done.

5.  light a candle.  It is a sunny day but I know that having a candle going in the kitchen while I clean will improve my mood with its cozy factor. 

6.  put on some good music.  So often I forget about music in the house.  Silly me.  Today I'm going to get my Mumford & Sons disc out of the van and put it on in the here.

Also, I'm going to love on my baby.  I know not everyone has a baby so this isn't an "official" tip.  If you happen to live nearby and want to love on my baby, that could be arranged as long as you aren't a creeper.

Funny.  I'm feeling better already.



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