well, hello there.

I don't know what to say today but I'm sure I will think of something.  ;)

Tomorrow is the big day!  yippee!  I am nearly packed and am staying home today to do some baking and laundry folding and a bit of sewing.  Nicky is back to normal and, blessedly, sleeping through the night more nights than not.  I knew this would happen but I wasn't sure when.  I am so happy it is now!  His hair is long and (almost) flowing but it can surely wait until next week.

James had a friend over after school again yesterday.  I decided I want to always be the mom that will let the friends stay for dinner.  When I went up to ask his friend if he wanted to stay, James just beamed at me.  It made me feel so good.

Back to Nicky.  He was nursing yesterday and obviously not getting much.  He looked at me with big eyes and signed "more."  I said I was sorry but there wasn't any more.  He signed, "where?"  Ohhhh, baby, my heart.  The thing that is crazy is that I had almost this EXACT experience with James at almost this EXACT age.  James was nursing one day when he was 18 months old and obviously not getting much.  He signed MORE to me and I said I didn't have any more, that we could go get milk in a sippy.  He stopped nursing, got down off the bed and went downstairs.  He never nursed again.  Now Nicky did not give up that easily.  He nursed and nursed until he got a let down and wanted to nurse again later.  I do wonder what this weekend will do to my dwindling supply but I'm not worried about it.  Whatever happens will be fine.  I've loved to nurse him this long and would be fine with continuing or stopping.  (just so happy he's sleeping through the night!)  (Ruby nursed morning and night until she was over 2.  She must not have noticed when the supply reduced.  She was too busy twirling my hair, I guess.)

I want to write a lot more now that I'm warmed up but I really need to direct my energies elsewhere.  I will wish you a wonderful weekend now, in case I don't get back here.


okay, some pictures before I go:
I love this scarf but felt like I was wearing a bib when I wore it.  I love the fabric and frayed edges, though.  Any opinions?
 Nicky loves playing outside int he afternoons and was thrilled to have Ruby helping him swing this particular day:

 I love hat season!
 The straws are specially requested often:


  1. oh my gosh.....with that hat and sweater on Nicky looks exactly like James did at that age......
    I'm not crazy about the scarf....looks a little like a dish cloth :)...well, you did ask.
    I wish so much that we could all be at the shower.....but you'll be able to share Annie and Ronan's news at some point, which will be fun, hmmm? Poor Nicky, his mother ship is running out of fuel.....oh well....he'll live, the other two did. You can give him a two-hour special nursing tonight :). I'm excited to leave tomorrow too. I'm sure we'll talk to you at some point tomorrow, ok? Drive safely and have a wonderful time. Give everyone my love, ok? I love you honey......mama

  2. Have a great weekend!!! Enjoy.

  3. Ruby looks thrilled to help Nick swing too!


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