Christmas card outtakes

They are all kinds of blurry and my camera was set on "vivid" for some reason so none of them thrilled me for the cards.  (I ordered my cards yesterday anyways, using one of these pics and then 3 individual ones and thought they were really cute.  yay!)  (can you guess which one I chose?)   I raced all of my kids across that bridge more than a few times and only beat nicky. true story.  Even if the pics weren't great it did make for a fun afternoon outing on a gloomy day, which is not to be scoffed at.

edit:  I probably could have beat Ruby if I really would have tried.  Just saying.


  1. 5 is cute but i chose #6. :) hahahhahahahha.


  2. I LOVE pictures of kids walking away, so those last 3 are totally my favorites! Such great colors! Love the matching coats. Anyhow, all of them are great.

    One year a friend of mine had her outtakes (a collage of them) as her card. It was hilarious and super cute. I've never been brave enough to do that, but I'm tempted...

    Nice going!

  3. ummmmm....but 6 is missing a certain little someone in a red coat? Although adorable too.

  4. heehee. Ok I see in the text now that you have three other pictures, the little boy is likely in one of those? :)

  5. These are great sees! I love Nickys hair cut! Everyone looks so cute and happy! xoxo


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