free vanilla up in here

Hello friends, 

I have a squirrelly but just-started-tantrums-toddler precious baby in my midst so I need to make this short and sweet...

I'd like to send 2 mini vanilla extracts to 1 of you!  I will also include 5 vanilla beans so you can make some extract of your own or try another tempting recipe like vanilla bean sugar cookies or homemade kahlua or even simple but delicious vanilla sugar.   mmmmmmmmmmmm.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to enter.  If you "like" my original post on facebook (there's a button at the bottom of the post) or pin it on pinterest (or both!) come back and let me know and you'll be entered again.  Up to 3 entries per person!  :)  (but one is fine, obvs) 

New readers, friends and family are all welcome to enter!

Thanks and I can't wait to send one of you a little treat in the mail!!  :)



  1. PICK ME PICK ME PLEASE!!! Have a great Thanksgiving!! We might take the kids to LaCrosse this weekend and stay at that hotel you and I stayed at last summer!!
    Pick me Pick me!! Thanks,

  2. so cute! love it!

  3. These are so cute! I'd love one! Melanie

  4. er......count me in :) mama

  5. Checking in from NYC. Do I get any points for longest distance? I LOVE this idea!

  6. I am in... I have been wanting to do this FOREVER (ok maybe only a year, but when you can not remember anything from one min to the next a year is a long time:)

  7. Can I still get in on this?? I envy your creativy and stick-to-ness right now. I look at all of these great things and think "that's cute".


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