Here is a sweet picture of Nicky from last week:
And a bonfire shot from the boy scout "spookaree" we went to last week:
they had pumpkin bowling:  (that is James, one of nine ninjas.  ha!)
And a "haunted" trail full of murdered boy scouts.  I wish I was kidding.  Ruby asked why that guy had a pizza cutter on the other guy's throat.  Not cool, boy scouts.
On Saturday our town celebrated UFO Days.  Ruby threw candy with her fellow daisy scouts on a float in the UFO Days Parade:
I love this shot.  This is my awesome friend Wendy on the right.  I love her and her costume.  :)
James decided not to walk with his scout pack.  He wanted to get candy instead.  :)
Nicky thought the parade and the sucker were awesome.  So did Patrick.
On the parade route: 
Main Street isn't usually this busy:
I love the little Shriner cars.  Reminds me of my grandpa.
After the parade we went home for naps (Nicky & Patrick), Legos (James and his friend) , playing outside (Ruby) and reading (mama.)  It was such a nice afternoon.  We finished the day with a night time walk, something we all enjoy.

Sunday was church and lunch and family movie (tangled...very cute!) and naps and another walk and pumpkin carving.  James & Ruby each drew their own faces on pumpkins that Patrick and I carved for them.  They both like to draw tiny and intricate faces.  of course.

Here was Nicky last night, wondering what the heck is going on:
Game time at an assisted living facility.  It's so sweet that they put this on for the kids:
Ruby, looking quite proud after the 2 potato/orange chin challeng:
James giving it a go:
Afterwards, with their pumpkins and loot:
The pumpkins:
James bagging up the danger treats.  He traded all of his unsafe candy in for a $15 credit to Target.  Ruby willingly gave up most of hers (all of the peanut stuff) for $10:  (we let her keep some chocolate, of course.  whoppers are her favorite.  :))

I couldn't let all of these good times slip by without noting them.  James also rode his bike to the library by himself to get a glow stick as Nicky was napping when they started handing them out to the first 100 kids.  He asked and brought one home for Ruby, too.  awwww.

James also had a big moment on Saturday morning.  A couple of weeks ago he signed up for the one mile UFO Days fun run.  Then a few days before said he didn't want to do it.  The rest of our conversations went something like this:

J:  I don't want to do it!  Running makes me want to throw up.
S:  Then why did you sign up?
J:  I don't know.  I like to run, too.
S:  (insert multiple pep talks here)
S:  (broken down. sigh.)  Whatever, James, but if you don't do it you owe me the ten bucks I paid when I signed you up.  (sick of him saying yes to something then changing mind.)
J:  Okay.  I will totally give you ten bucks.

8:00am, Saturday morning (day of race)

S:  Are you sure you don't want to run?
J:  Yeah, I don't want to.
S:  You'll feel really good if you just try.

8:45am  (race starts at 9:00)

J:  If I did run, I would wear these shorts.
S:  What do you mean if you did run?  Do you want to run?
J:  (silence)

8:50am  (race starts at 9:00, I am still in pajamas)

J:  I think I will try it.
S:  AAAAAAAAAAH!  Get socks on, get keys, where are my pants?????

8:58am  (race starts in TWO MINUTES)

S&J:  (pull into parking spot and run to starting line)


Away he goes!!

I was so proud of him.  And I didn't even mind that everyone saw me with no make up, my glasses on and bed head.


p.s.  yesterday turned out to be a good day.  after I unloaded here I talked with both my sister and my mother and they both laughed with me and I loved them for it.  thanks for listening here, too.  xoxo


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