hello, friday

Hi you guys.  Today is Friday!  I totally overslept!  All 4 of us got ready and out of the house in 30 minutes!  yikes.  (Thank God we laid our clothes out last night, that's all I can say.)

I helped in James' classroom for nearly 2 hours today.  I love second graders.  They are so cute with their big erasers and even bigger ideas.  I loved even more the huge hug James gave me when I left and how they all yelled goodbye to me.  What a nice start to the day.  To be honest, I never thought I'd like being there so much.

Nicky was at the baby sitter's house until 1:00 so I treated myself to some thrifting time afterwards.  I found an adorable wool sweater that will be new mittens (for me!), a summer dress, denim shirt and two tanks for me, a pair of pants each for Ruby and Nicky, an adorable little purse for Ruby and some shirts for future Ruby, some Christmas flannel to turn into pj pants for Ruby and Nicky, and a fleece jacket for James.  There was also some cashmere thrown in for good measure.  It was so fun and all came to under $10. 

I loved reading your comments about Christmas traditions.  I found another whole discussion about them here last night.  I laughed out loud about The Elephant Man movie (Teresa), thought about love languages (James' is totally gifts.  Neat to think of it like that...Thanks, Kathy.)  I loved Melissa's idea about Santa leaving a thank you note for some special giving the kids did.  I also love the idea of a big family gift...maybe a night at the Kalahari!  Thanks you guys, so much.  I will let you know what we decide.

Last night went really well.  We learned last time Patrick was gone to not even mention Daddy or Nicky will truck over to the door, squealing.  (heartbreaking)  The big kids were good after school and James and I came to a resolution about something we had been butting heads about.  I love when that happens.  See, I had purchased a random lot of Lego pieces on Ebay and wanted him to build each of his friends one of his ships that he is constantly building as a goodie bag treat at his Lego-themed bday party.  (hello, run on!)  When I presented him with this idea last week he FREAKED out because he wanted to keep all of the pieces.  I waited almost a week, pondering all of it, before I brought it up again.  There were particular "cool" pieces that he really wanted so I said for each little ship he gives me (for a friend) he could pick one of the other favorite pieces to keep for himself.  He thought about it for a minute and agreed!  He made 8 of these little ships last night and is even using some of his own other Legos to make them extra cool.  I think the best part about them are his explanations of what they all can do and I just had a good idea!  I should photograph each of them and type a short description on the picture using Picasa before I print it out.  I can then slip the photo in the baggie with the little ship and his friend will know how exactly what he created!  This is James' first "theme" party and I am kind of getting into it.  Can you tell?  :)  I bet it will be his last, too.  sniff.  We found out we can rent the small gym at the school for $10 an hour so that is where we are going to have it.  Not paying $150-$200 for a party out somewhere?  excellent.  Not having 12 boys in our house?  priceless.

Okay, I can sure ramble today.  Have super duper weekends, friends!  Maybe I will blog this weekend as there will be no one else around to listen to me.  :)  xoxo


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