he's home! he's home! (say like tattoo)

today I am loving:

  • how Ruby says "finger 8" instead of figure 8
  • Nicky saying "uh oh" and making siren noises
  • having coffee with Patrick this morning  (!!)
  • ordering Ruby a darling dress for Christmas for $9  (I had a 25% off and free shipping with no minimum order coupon...I love Lands End clothes.)
  • Nicky running around and around and around the house pushing a monster truck
  • that both of my big kids are at school today
  • that I got our disaster of a bedroom clean before my husband got home  (not an easy task)
  • that I can see James and Ruby both trying to have an "attitude of gratitude"
  • that my sister and Ronan and Jacob and new baby are hoping to move here NEXT SEPTEMBER
  • the sunshine.  It's cold but Nicky and I are going out for a walk in a while.
  • that soup I made
  • thinking about Christmas cookies
  • thinking about my husband coming home from work tonight
  • that I am not a hoarder  (i.e. I can get rid of stuff as easily as I can bring it home.)
  • texting 
And a separate list for Thanksgiving weekend: things I am excited about:

  • dinner at my dad's
  • walking on the lakewalk
  • hopefully going out to breakfast with patrick (hint, hint mom)
  • seeing my brother and Erin, and hopefully Kristy and Rachel and maybe some friends
  • hopefully shopping with my mom  (hint, hint patrick)
  • taking the kids to bentleyville
  • the trip up...patrick driving and me reading  :)
I was trying to take a picture of me and Nicky the other day.  Here is how it went down:  (he wanted the camera, you see)

 writhing on my lap:


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