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Good morning, friends and lovers. 

HAHAHA, just kidding.  Patrick doesn't even regularly read my blog.  What a rat.  :)  (when he does he likes it, though.)

Speaking of Patrick, he had to escort 3 men out of work yesterday.  His company is not laying off, these guys were just not working out.  When he told me it just made me sick to my stomach.  These 3 men had to go home and tell their wives yesterday that they lost their jobs.  Oh my gosh, can you imagine?  I thought in my head that we should pray for them but felt shy to ask Patrick.  The feeling was so strong that I couldn't *not* pray and so I asked and of course he said yes and we prayed.  Now I might lose some of you here but some of you will surely understand.  The words flowed out of my mouth.  They sounded just right to my ears and that is not something I would normally say about my prayers.  :)  I know that desire to pray and the prayer itself came directly from God and I am so grateful that I had that experience.  It felt holy which again isn't something I say every day.  Pretty awesome experience for a Wednesday night standing in our kitchen. 

And after that?  Top Chef.  Seriously a good night.  :)  (boy do I miss Tom, Padma and Gail in between seasons.)

Our van was in the shop for 2 days so it feels pretty good to have some wheels again.  I'm not sure what is on our agenda for the day.  I have 500 errands (or so it seems) so I will try to work some of them in amongst a bit of fun.  (aka: walk and thrift store)

I am considering starting up my 2 month gym membership now as I think I need it.  I lost 2 of those 3lbs (not through anything I did, to be honest, they just went away) but am feeling so unmotivated and uninspired.  I need to start because then the good feelings will come but I am having a hard time starting.  Any inspiration or fellow lazies out there?  :)  Exercising (anything aside from walking) feels so hard again.  Reminds me of a saying I saw on Pinterest:  It didn't get easier, you got better.  I want to get better again.

Nicky is driving trucks on my body and making little truck and siren noises.  Oh, how I love him.  He is a perfect squeezable companion for me.  I do need to go and get us out of this house, though.  We were both so bored yesterday!  I made myself shut off my computer until his nap and that did help.  I totally could have escaped to the online world allllll day yesterday.  :) 



  1. Totally get that prayer thing, especially feeling shy - why is that?!? We are working on that. And I love how you were obedient, and how God showed up so obviously. Way to go!

    we'll be enjoying Top Chef tonight, so no leaks, 'kay?

  2. Nothing in all the world like the presence of the Holy Spirit is there? I'm happy you two got to share it, and happy too for the families you prayed for......
    good job, bob :)
    love you all....mama

  3. amen sister. love you. thanks for the phone chat.



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