november is the new december

I decided that I am going to try to get everything Christmas related done this month that I can.  Buying, making, wrapping and mailing gifts, cards filled out, decorating the house (except for tree), photo books ordered...everything I can.  That will leave December for decorating the tree, making cookies, looking at lights, learning and teaching more about Christ, holiday movies and concerts and enjoying all the month has to offer with my family.

I don't think it's turning November into a stressful month because there is that feeling of, "oh well...there is always December!"  :)

I was working on our annual photo book this morning and came across one of my favorite pictures of Ruby ever:


Nicky and I are meeting Patrick for lunch today and then going on a walk.  I am looking forward to it already.  :)

Hope your weekend was a good one.  Saturday had a crappy start but improved as the day went on.  We ended it with Family Movie Night (Cars 2...I thought it was cute!) and popcorn.  Sunday was better still with church, homemade chicken noodle soup, and a date for Patrick and I!  We went to the bookstore and then used an Outback gift certificate my dad gave us last Christmas and had a delicious dinner with some very good Merlot.  (I drank wine!  and liked it!)  I finished my day by organizing my coupons into a somewhat homemade binder.  Patrick said he felt a little nervous about it.  :)  hahaha.  Don't worry, I am not a crazy couponer (yet.  ha!) but am happy to be saving us some $$.



  1. Oh my gosh honey, I've never even seen this picture of Ruby.....could you please print one for me sometime because I won't want to cut up my Christmas book :). Glad your week-end went well....the wine sounded especially good to me :). Good luck on your November sounds good to me. Love you guys, mama xoxoxoxoxo


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