quick! how do you handle Christmas gifts?

This is on my mind lately.  As I told you, November is the new December so I am all up in the presents.

I really like the idea of 3 gifts, the same number that Jesus received on the night of his birth.  But does Santa bring the 3?  Or does Santa bring one and fill the stockings and the 3 are from mom and dad? 

I also like this:  something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read.  But that is 4.  :) 

I guess my main thinking is PARE IT DOWN.  We did somewhat last year and they were a little let down, I think.  At least James was.  As they get bigger they will only want more (and pricier stuff) and this is the time to set/change our pace.  I would totally know the WOW gift for James this year, and for Nicky, but not sure on Ruby yet.  What she really wants is kind of small and obviously from our mall so ??? (it is those african frogs from learning express.  I don't think I ever posted that our 3 fish all died within the first week.  you need to use bottled spring water for the frogs so hopefully they will live.)  I do want Christmas morning to be fun so maybe open all presents (santa, mom and dad), except for new books and jammies, on Christmas morning? 

okay, this was a brain dump.  my kids get off the bus in 8 minutes so I gots to go.  please share your traditions with me! 



  1. I'm just commenting on everything today (instead of folding clothes or cleaning the house or making dinner). So, I am constantly struggling with this too. I'll be watching you to see what you figure out, and I'll be looking for inspiration.

    I love the idea of something you want/need/wear/read. We gave Alex primarily clothes last year for his 10th b'day and he will never forgive us. I tried the old "you're ten! you don't really get toys any more" tactic, and it sank like a lead balloon.

    I have a friend who does the 3 gifts thing. I think those are from the parents, and Santa brings stocking stuffer stuff also.

    I keep tossing around the idea of one big gift for all of them, but it's hard to get something they all will enjoy. When I was a teen, my parents bought us a VCR, which was a HUGE gift, and then Christmas night we watched a movie. Wild, watching a movie in our house. Only problem is that it was The Elephant Man. Worst movie ever, especially for christmas night. We still talk about it to this day. So, maybe the lesson there is that even bad gifts make good memories. (the gift was great, but the movie was awful)

    Wow. I'm about to kill my kids today. Day off for P/T conferences. Maybe my gift to them will be to be able to continue to live in my house. Grr. Off to yell.

  2. I have a friend who does:
    1. Something they want
    2. Something they need
    3. something to do with the family (usually a game or something they can all do together, or a trip to the Edge water park, or something like that. They each get their own 'thing')

    I do love this idea, especially to start it early. I, personally, am not about receiving gifts, but I have two in my house whose love language is receiving gifts, so that makes it challenging. Since they are experiencing my love through the gift, there seems to be a lot more pressure attached. For Micah and I both, it really is the thought that counts.

    I'll be watching to see how you do it!

  3. My kids each give a gift away (cash) to St. Judes, "Santa" leaves the thank you letter in their stocking as a gift. Then a couple times a year St. Judes sends label with their name on them which Kaylee loves.


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