quiet & productive (with a side of james)

I dropped Nicky off at 8:45 and stopped at the store for some cabbage.  I came home, had some coffee and made this soup, doubling the recipe and using homemade chicken stock.  I will eat it all week.  I'm exciting like that.  I then started sewing, first finishing some lonely projects left this close to being finished last year:
 And sewed up some new Christmas wine sleeves:

 also unfinished from last year:

All of this stuff is in my etsy shop now!  

Here is a shot of a headband I made on Saturday that was too small for the intended recipients.  Nicky rocked it for quite a while that night.  I made 3 bigger ones today.
 I also got James' invitations ready to go.  I had a coupon so it was just under $1.50 to get them all printed at Walgreens.  I found this idea, along with some others we're going to use, here.

The school called at around 11:15 and said James was in the office not feeling well.  He coughed a few times last night but said he felt good when he left for school this morning.  He was pale when I got there and was so happy to come home.  He said he wanted something hot for lunch, like a hamburger from Culvers, so off we went.  :)  Poor buddy.  He laid on the couch all afternoon dozing and watching old cartoons on Netflix.

I just got back from picking Nicky up and he is now fast asleep upstairs.  Sarah (his sitter) said he didn't nap today...too hard to fall asleep with a bunch of other kids playing, she thinks.  He was really good for her though, so that is good.  When I asked him this morning if he wanted to go see Sarah and Bo (her dog) he pointed at the door and brought me his shoes.  :)  

happy day.  needed this.



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