really? it's only tuesday?

James is home again today even though he is obviously better.  Like non-stop talking and running around the house better, and yet here he is.  I believe in a recovery day, I guess.  You never know...he might be flat on the couch again by afternoon.

Here's hoping.


In other news, I am totally in love with that soup.  I also added a can of diced tomatoes to mine.  I can hardly wait to eat it for lunch!  Super good and tasty and filling and only 50 calories per cup.

Patrick won't get home until 11:00pm.  Oh my stars.  6 days!  What a long haul.  This felt much longer than London because there was all those weekend hours in there.  Sunday night was the only really hard night and I was lucky to get breaks last Friday and yesterday.  (positive self talk)  Even though I feel relatively unscathed from this long stretch of solo parenting, I plan on using it to my advantage.  I haven't had an entire Saturday to myself quite a while.  I might see if that is in the cards for this weekend.  I see myself at my favorite thrift stores followed by lunch somewhere yummy and an afternoon rest at the bookstore with some magazines and a pile of Christmas cards to address.  sounds lovely, doesn't it?

Operation NITND (november is the new december) is going quite well.  I have purchased lots of gifts (my poor mailman) and started writing out holiday cards last night.  I plan on starting to wrap gifts during afternoon naptime this week.  My goal is to have gifts ready to ship on Dec.1st.  I also need to make my vanilla extract labels! 

I decided to go with this:  4 gifts from mom and dad and Santa will bring them one plus stockings.  I like the 4 idea and it will be easy to tell them about and follow through on from year to year.  For the wow factor, all gifts will be placed under the tree after bedtime on Christmas Eve so Christmas morning there will be a big pretty pile.  Well, all except 2 which we will open Christmas jammies and a new book.  I set a budget for them all so I don't have to think about if it's "too much" anymore.  Nicky is getting less this year because he could care less and Ruby's gifts will cost less, too.  I'm not going to buy her more stuff just to make it "even."  I expect this to change as they all get older with bigger wants.  I think Ruby would love an American Girl doll but I think she will love it and appreciate it even more next year.  :)  She is still happy with her random babies from the dig.  :)

I am officially in love with exercising again.  Just thought I'd tell you.  What a gift to be able to easily do something that makes me feel so good and is so good for me.  I know I will always have on and off periods of being active but I hope and pray I always find my way back to ON before too long.

Time to stop now.  James is waiting patiently to tell me something very important.  :)

Have a great day!



  1. We are stuck in AG hell. There stuff is so expensive, but it is what the girls want! They are each getting two or three things from us bc that is all we are willing to pay for. So yes, keep Ruby far, far away :)


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