surprise! more talking about myself!

Good morning, all.  How are you doing today?
....listening to you....
Good! :)  Things are good here.  Patrick came home last night (what an amazing thing!  to have a helper at bedtime!) and I scurried off to our room for some list-ing.  I know have a fairly conclusive list of what I still need to buy/make and it is fun to see it all laid out.  I want to make James something like this only much simpler.  (like, no piecing or anything like that...just 2 big pieces of round fabric.)

I have to say.  I am loving doing this Christmas stuff right now.  Whenever something doesn't go right or I feel stressed about something I have to do, I remember...Christmas is still a long way off.  What a nice feeling.

I worked for a while on my vanilla labels yesterday morning.  I totally should have bought round stickers to just stamp or print on but, oh well.  Nicky was happy coloring for about 3 minutes and then pulled all of my rubber stamps apart.  (this having a busy toddler business is alllllll coming back to me.  mess after mess after mess after mess.)

 I love this stamp thing.  I think I got it at WalMart a couple of years ago and have used it a lot.  It takes a while to get the impression just right but it's also easy to fill in the missing spots with black sharpie.  :)
 During nap time I printed out a bunch of "instructions" that I found here and put a few bottles together.

Each bottle ended up costing me just under $4.00 to put together. 

After craft time we went out to follow the garbage truck around town for a while.  It was cold and windy but wasn't so bad once we were moving and bundled up.  (and we need to get used to it anyways...)

 This is the face he makes when he spots a garbage truck:

 Also, he drank the Lego kool aid.


  1. I made Micah a Lego bag eons ago, so sweet! Do make sure you use grommets like in your link. I made a sleeve with the drawstring in it and it was pretty tough to pull the string. (also have Patrick hang a hook in a stud because it's heavy, or maybe an 'S' hook on a closet rod?) James will love it! No one like to pick up legos.

    You are also making me wish I'd made vanilla. I look at it every year, too late. :( I didn't know you could add more vodka, do you make the original bottle extra strong, do you have to let it sit after you add more for a certain amount of time? Very cool!

    You are motivating me! THANK YOU!!

    My verification word is 'wabibion', which is weird.

  2. vanilla extract is soooo adorable and so is little Nicky with his sky blue eyes. xoxo

  3. thank you, Sarah. :) xoxo

    Kathy - thanks for telling me about the grommets. I was planning on making a sleeve, too! (easier) I have a grommet maker so I just have to find it. :) I've read a few places that the beans will flavor vodka for up to 5 years!! I think the idea is that most people don't use extract every day so you refill it and by the time you get back to it, it will be pretty the new stuff has mixed with the "seasoned" stuff for a while already. does that make sense? I hope it's true. :) It's not too late, either. I have a cute and quick way to extract bottling, with a give away, on sunday! :)


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