these are a few of my favorite things...

(in no particular order)

1.  Yankee Candle Sparkling Pine - in my humble opinion, this is the BEST scented holiday candle out there.  I love it and look forward to lighting it every season.

2.  Decorative match boxes make lighting candles more fun.  It's true!  My sister & Ronan had some beautiful large matchboxes on each of the tables at their wedding reception and I just fell in love with them.  I'd love these for Christmas.  If you search for HomArt on Amazon you will find many more varieties and lots of them have free shipping. 

3.  Kleenex Wallet Packs - These new-ish small packs of Kleenex are so cute!  I buy them in a 2 pack for .99 at Target and they make wiping noses a little more pleasant.
4.  McDonald's Peppermint Mocha - Don't be a hater!  This mocha is every bit as tasty as Starbuck's and the small size is about a buck cheaper. 

5.  One of the posts that consistently gets a lot of hits on my blog was this one that I wrote on "greening" my swiffer over 4 years ago!  (Wow, does time fly.)  I used that cut up swiffer bottle for a loooooong time until I saw this O' Cedar beauty at Target or WalMart one day last year.  Hooray!  They finally made exactly what I wanted...a bottle I could fill with my own mixture and a thick, washable pad.  I love this mop as much as one can love a mop.  I even emailed them after I bought mine to try and get a free one to give away here but they turned me down.  :(  boo.  But anyways, I still love their mop.

6.  Food Network Magazine - You can get a year for $18 or two years for $28.  This is one of my favorite cooking magazines and the only one I'm subscribing to this year.  Love it!

7. Paper straws...I adore cute straws, always have.  I am thrilled to have so many darling designs just a few clicks away these days.  They are so cute displayed in a jar on my counter top and the kids love using them.  Last time I ordered from Domestic Charm on etsy and was very happy with their product and service.  I think polka dots might be next on my list...

8.  This Ecotools retractable Kabuki blush brush - so soft and I love that it retracts feels like it stays a lot cleaner that way.

9.  Ikea wrapping paper - I only bought one roll of this small red and white print paper (second from left in image) and am regretting that decision.  It is really nice to wrap with and I absolutely love the design...simple and cheery.  (kind of like Ikea, right?  hahaha)

10.  I love this song and look forward to hearing it every December:

You can download or buy the whole CD here and I suggest you do.  :)


I hope you enjoyed hearing about a few of my favorite things!  I'm linking this up with The Nester...head over there to check out some more fun lists and add your own!


(this post brought to you by an extended Nicky nap.  Amen.)


  1. I was just at IKEA. I so wish I would have seen those rolls of wrapping paper. They are too cute!

  2. wow, I just to listen to that CD all the time when we lived at our other house. It never made it onto my iPod - that is, until now. Downloading it onto iTunes right now. Thanks for the reminder. Love your style. Could you be my personal shopper? :)

  3. it never dawned on me to get wrapping paper from ikea.

    {saw you at the nester}

  4. "Don't be a Hater", love it!! I LOVE the Caramel Mocha from Mcdonalds and I find myself say that as well!!

  5. I haven't tried McDonald's Mochas yet, so I'll have to give it a try now! Great picks!!

    So nice to 'meet' you today! I blog at "Only A Breath" and would love for you to stop by and visit :)


  6. Thanks for posting my straws! :) I'm a new follower!


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