titillating tuesday

First, a cute postcard I ordered here. I liked it so much I framed it...cute for winter, no?
Second, one of my bridge pics that my sister in law added some depth to...I had it blown up to 11x17 and it is making me so happy:
Third, icky Nicky.  :)  He actually wasn't so bad today but did have me nervous at the beginning:
lovey, lovey Nickey:
What I've done today...almost done!
and last but not least, the only picture I took in Duluth:


  1. Okay, I have to tell you this story.

    One year my grandmother thought she was being VERY clever and had purchased all the gifts in November. Then she decided she would wrap them all by Thanksgiving.

    So, so she wraps them and hides them away.

    And off she goes on Christmas Eve to retrieve them for under the tree and what does she discover?

    That the scotch tape doesn't stick that long and they are all unwrapped! LOL

  2. Love that postcard and LOVE the blown up picture of the kids. I noticed that little table toy thing that makes noises and I thought "hmm, we used to have that same toy... I wonder where it is now..." and then I remembered - THERE it is. I'm so embarrassed that I gave it to you dirty but so glad you are still enjoying it (and feel free to pass it on to another home when it is time). Your home looks so lovely and cozy in the sunshine.

  3. I love love love the photo of the kids!!

  4. Thanks, guys! :) Teresa...don't be silly. I was so happy to have one...it's such a cute toy. thank you!


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