veggie soup wishes & peppermint twist dreams

I finally got another pot of that soup made this morning. I can't tell you how much I love this stuff. This time I used yellow squash and added mushrooms, parsnips and green pepper. mmmmmmmm. (Patrick gagged when he saw it on the stovetop. haha! he hates almost all of these veggies. silly man.)
Nicky broke one of my favorite vintage mugs a couple of weeks ago but I found a replacement almost immediately.
See the vanilla bean flecks? I've been using some of my vanilla sugar and it is very yummy!
Last night I made the kids Christmas-y pillowcases for their beds. I had the peppermint fabric on hand and used an old Cannon sheet I've been saving as the main part of the case...they are the softest cotton. I got them big fleece snowflake blankets and plan on surprising them with a cozy winter bed after school tomorrow. ("Surprise! It's bedtime!" hahahahhahaa)
A couple of weeks ago the boys and I took a long walk one afternoon. We had such a nice time and I shot lots of short movies of James and Nicky racing and doing tricks. I'll have to upload them soon.
Somebody was tired out afterwards.
James also lost another tooth a couple of weeks ago.  He placed it in this baggie, under his pillow.  (a Nintendo DS costs $169.95)  :)
And finally, Ruby in her dog house.  I can't tell you how many hours she spent in this thing before destroying it in a fit of frustration.  She even slept in it twice!


Nicky and I are heading out to do something in a little while.  What, I don't know, but we just need to get out.  We will be home all day tomorrow as Patrick needs the van to go to his uncle's funeral.  (his car is not very reliable right now.)  Other news:  James and Ruby both had great dental check-ups yesterday.  Whew.  :)



  1. When I see Ruby, it makes me hope I have a girl. xoxo great list seester!


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