winner winner chicken dinner

Hello you. 

It's Monday!  I'm chilly!  Nicky is napping!  I'm wrapping gifts!  We had a good weekend!  Happy to be home!

That is basically all of my news.  I am too lazy to write more about our weekend but it was a good one.  I hope yours was, too.

Thank you for signing up for my vanilla give away!  Because I didn't want to leave anyone out, I'm going to send one bottle to each of you that signed up or pinned or facebook'd it!  (full disclosure:  some of you were already on my list!  :)  )  Look for those in the mail sometime this month. 

Have a happy monday!  xoxo


  1. I am soooo..... excited!! Thank you! Hope Thanksgiving was awesome!

  2. COOOL now I do not have to make it:) Do you want to meet up someplace? I could make it almost anywhere (in Madtown area;)

  3. Hope yours was too, Melissa! xoxo did you go to the hotel?

    yes, let's meet up, zoe!


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