all is calm

So James had an awesome birthday.  He said he didn't want it to end which was very sweet.  We came home after early release and the kids basically did this all afternoon:

played together!  So nice.  Nicky took a nap eventually and the rest of us hung out in the living room all day.  This stack of library books helped make it extra nice for me:
It is so quiet here right now.  The big kids are gone and Nicky is still fast asleep.  I am amazed he is still asleep as this was going on a little while ago:
Punch balloons in the advent calendar this morning.  Not the quietest thing.  Well, maybe quiet just for a minute...

And sometimes a minute (or thirty) is all you need.   :)


(p.s.  thank you for the birthday wishes for James!!  xoxo)


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