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Hello, happy Monday!  I'm sorry to say this but I usually love Mondays.  Why?  Because (nearly) everyone goes away and leaves me alone!  :)  hahahha.  It's true though.  After a jam-packed weekend of family time, I love a quiet Monday morning.  I feel like I have a lot to catch up on and am in kind of a chatty mood so you might be in trouble...

Let's start with last Thursday.  After I was here, Nicky and I met Zoe and Ada at Target.  We had coffee and walked around for just over 2 hours.  It was so nice and Zoe and I ended up with matching hats.  (different colors, same style)  I loved my new hat (and still do, I suppose) but there are three things:
1.  It is not a true red.  I wanted to make a matching scarf and that will be very hard to do if I want red in it and want to make it with what I have on hand.
2.  Patrick asked me if I made it myself, and not in a kind way.
and 3. (most painful of all) Ruby said it was my bird hat.  That those buttons on either side are eyes and that the brim looks like the beak.  She is so right! 

bawk! bawk!

But Target was fun.  I don't remember the rest of the day.  I think it involved the couch and the tv and a book.  oh, and kids.

Friday was super fun!  I sent Nicky to Sarah's and came home to have a solo candy making day.  I made four kinds of candies to give as gifts to neighbors, friends and other people in my community that make my life more fun.  I made pretzel turtles (of course, I always make these), the saltine toffee I've made before but with PRETZELS (delish), peppermint bark and oreo truffles.  (The Oreo truffles are my least favorite but still pretty darn good when they're very cold.)  I also baked James' birthday cake, had lunch and went to the dig for a little while.  It is simply amazing how much I can get done with no kids around.  It was so nice.  God bless babysitters.

I don't remember Friday night either.  I'm pretty sure it was a repeat of Thursday night.

Saturday was all about getting ready for James' party at 3:00.  Busy, busy, busy even though it didn't seem like there was that much to do.  ??  The party went great, Patrick and I were exhausted afterwards, and James had a friend over to spend the night so he was thrilled. 

On Sunday we just hung out all morning until I brought his friend home and Ruby and I went to get a Christmas tree.  It was a nice day but I missed church.  We hustled to get the kids to bed early so we could cuddle up and watch Survivor.  Afterwards I finished my favorite book of the year (more on that later) and Patrick watched part of Forks Over Knives.  So glad he watched that!  He is pretty much anti-vegetables and has never really embraced my moves to get more of them into our diet.  This movie showed him some stone cold facts that got him (both of us) thinking...never a bad thing.  The surprising thing was how bad they were saying dairy was.  ugh.  I don't think I eat too much dairy but all those little laughing cow cheeses must add up.  :)  That cow maybe shouldn't be laughing....

I started this hours ago.  Since then I have put up our Christmas tree (quite sturdily, I might add), read a pile of books with Nicky, listened to Christmas music (and wiggled to it.  Nicky kind of wiggles as his dancing right is so cute.), and made a kind of yucky lunch.  (tuna fish on crackers...good, frozen veggie medley...yucky.)  I also talked to my sister and thought about how sensitive I am lately.  I wonder why??

Now I'm going to put baby to bed, take a shower, package up a couple of etsy sales and listen to some more good music.  The day is gloomy and my sunny morning disposition has somewhat faded but I am enjoying the soft glow from our tree.  There is that.  :)


  1. I've looked at those hats. I also have a pattern for one, and the yarn (both cream & white) but have lost all motivation to actually make one - I might have to buy. We can be bird buds together. I love them, who cares what anyone else thinks? Have a great day!


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