chilly fingers, warm heart

I got the tree lights working (by yanking off the un-working ones and throwing them away) and we think our tree looks so pretty. The ornaments are going on today after school.
The packages underneath are from loved ones far (too far) away and so far Nicky has left them alone.  Even more amazing is that I have left them alone.  I want to open them!!!!!!!

Here is a picture of the new thrifted winter artwork I got a couple weeks ago.  I love a good thrifted art winter scene and I can't find my other ones.  Where are they???

Nicky and I got so many errands done this morning, it was awesome.  Now he is sleeping and I am going to start some dinner in a minute.

Here are some pictures from James' party.  The little knee boards with wheels (for Toddler Time!) became the hit of the day...thank goodness they were in the supply closet with the balls and jump ropes.  Also, thank goodness for Patrick.  Those kids followed him around like he was the Pied Piper.  :)

 A few minutes of quiet where they worked on a word search:
 Finding it pretty hard, they started working together:
 A few minutes after that, it was back to this:
 and some of this:
 and then back to this:
 and Nicky got busted eating cake.  It was the funniest thing ever, the look on his face before he crammed it into his mouth, I'm so glad I witnessed it.  This was just after:


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