christmas in the hizz-ouse

I bought this large tinsel star last year on clearance at Target and didn't realize it would totally remind me of Christmas at my Gramma's every time I looked at it. She would put silver garland and lights around her living room door and the glow of these lights in particular takes me right back to that living room. ♥ (remember the little ornaments she would hang on every door pane, family?)
This paper nativity is one of my favorite things I've ever found, the tea cup has a candle in it:
My dad made me this.  Crafty begets crafty.
I did this as a joke (but really liked it!) and thought Patrick would be ticked.  He hasn't said a word about it...just shook his head and sighed the first time he saw it:
My treat stands from last year, ready and waiting to be loaded up:
The stockings were hung by the front door with care:  (it's all we got)
just this morning, a quiet 15 minutes before the kids got up:
and then, the advent calendar routine:

sitting next to me:
nursing:  (the milk is back??  but I feel like I need to wean so I can get a mammogram!  I am 40.5 now, you know.  Anyone go through this?  My doc said I don't have to but it's on my mind...)
asking for the camera:
cut out dough for later:
loving the Christmas art:
and my latest mug acquisitions:  (the striped one my mom gave me last year and Nicky loves it for his cocoa.  Except he thinks we gave him coffee since it's in a coffee mug and then he shrieks and points at the coffee maker for more.  sigh.)

This post is so long and laden with photos that I feel it would be rude of me to write any more.  Maybe later?  xoxo


  1. I can absolutely picture the living room door with the garland, lights and ornaments... wooden mittens, sled, a girl! That is so sweet that the star reminds you. Christmas at Grandma's was amazing. I have been thinking more about all the ways our moms made Christmas special now that I have little Eden. I had no idea your Dad made that wall tree sweet. Cherish that! My Dad makes up these great stockings every year for all the kids and this year he hung them around the back of her couch with pink "baby's first Christmas" ones for Eden and Emmi. xoxo


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