merry christmas to you!

Yesterday I mentioned Nicky thinking his little mug was for coffee. Here he was not an hour later trying desperately to get some of that good stuff:
naughty Nicky.

Yesterday started out good, got very bad for a while, but thankfully ended on a positive note.  I said something that really made someone mad and it made me feel awful for most of the morning.  It took a lot of praying and some time with my kids and my friends to help me feel better. 

The cookies didn't hurt, either.

I made egg free cut out cookies, trying a new recipe from a friend, and was so happy they ended up being so good.  They are not exactly light and flaky but have really good flavor (real butter!) and rolled out nicely.  I love all my vintage cutters and some new ones from Ikea were so fun to use as well.

I surprised the kids with them and some frosting after school.  I used this frosting recipe but used half margarine/half shortening.  The flavor is good and the frosting firmed up nicely but was fluffy and easy to spread.  (a half batch frosted 2.5 dozen cookies, fyi.)

(no pics of the frosting process because a 8 yr old + a 5 year old + a 20 mo. old with a raging sweet tooth + frosting + sprinkles = a hot mess!)


I'm so excited to see a lot of my family this week and so sad that I won't be seeing the rest.  My mom arrives first tomorrow followed by my Dad on Tuesday and my brother and Erin on Wednesday.  Annie and Ronan can't come but we will all be together in February for Thomas and Erin's big wedding!!  Can't wait for all of that.  eeeeeek!  Tomorrow Patrick and I will have the whole day together with no kids.  Can you imagine?  7 hours alone.  Sounds pretty nice.  I am not counting on it 100%, though, as you know how kids are.  There's a very good chance they will all start puking tonight.  :)

I found this quote that I loved and am trying to keep on my mind and in my heart:

God's gifts
put man's best dreams
to shame.
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

What a gift we are about to celebrate and remember!

Well, Merry Christmas to you and yours.  I open myself up pretty bare here sometimes and I really appreciate all the love and warmth I get in return.



  1. Love the quote, Steph!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. You're amazing! Hope you get a full 7 hour date tomorrow! Have a very Merry Christmas Honey Bunny! Lots of Love xoxo

  3. So happy to know you. Reading your blog is one of my sweet moments in each day. I was bragging about you and your homemade vanilla extract earlier today. People were impressed.

    So glad the charter tv tip worked for you! DVR is the ONLY way to go. Go grab your chips and have yourself a tv watching' party!

    Hope your Christmas is as lovely as you are. Enjoy the big and little moments.

    Xo, Teresa


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