I wanted to let you know I didn't give up or walk away or anything like that.  :)

Friday was Ruby's concert and James got out of school early to come with us.  Afterwards, the four of us came home and had a very nice afternoon.  (cue angels singing)  We so needed that.  That was a rough couple of days, last Wednesday and Thursday.  Glad they are over.  I'm thankful for your kind words here and am also thankful to anyone who read that post and just shook their head and thought, "I have so been there."

We had a very nice weekend that consisted of doing a lot of nothing, which I welcomed.  We actually did do a lot of housecleaning (big stuff like dusting light fixtures and vacuuming vents) but Patrick helped and it was actually fun.  We also bought a carpet shampooer...should have done it years ago. 

Today Nicky and I took a long walk, I watched part of Bridesmaids while he napped (funny but not as funny as I thought.), shampooed Nicky's carpet, made some more pretzel bark and then spent the rest of the day trying not to eat said pretzel bark, and went to the post office.  A very nice day. 

James and Ruby should be home in about 4 minutes.  Kathy wanted me to post something crafty but this is all I got.  :)

Happy Monday, dear ones.



  1. A lot of nothing - how wonderful that sounds!! And like I can complain that you're not blogging fast enough, as I seem to only have something almost blog-worthy every couple weeks...

    I loved the heavier woman in the Bridesmaids movie, especially on the airplane with the guy (who is her real-life husband) and with the puppies... The sex scene at the beginning though - oy! Not so much. I watched it with a bunch of other women and the funniest part was really watching everyone else try to not watch the sex scene, and is it STILL on?!? What are they doing?!? 'cuz I must be doing it wrong. Or my husband is... ;o)

    You are sweet, thanks for letting me live vicariously through you. I think I have a sickness of which the prime side effect is compulsion to create...


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