pour some creamer on me

James' friend usually comes over a couple of afternoons a week to play Legos. I love that his Legos are in the living room now because I get to eavesdrop on their (adorable) conversations and hear how they work things out. Yesterday his friend called him "J-man." hahaha...so cute.
Here is his ship that he has been working on and adding to for weeks.  Whenever he gets a new Lego set he puts it together right away and then takes it apart almost right away to use the pieces in his own way:
And, well, the inevitable. Nicky waits until James leaves for school and then I usually find him here a little while later.  This is when I move the chair...
I try to stay away from flavored creamers now because they cause me to over-indulge...their calories add up so fast!  Because today was decorating day, though, I treated myself to a bottle of Peppermint Mocha...yummy.  (and my cute mug from Zoe!)
I picked up this dried bunch of flowers (hydrangeas?) while I was walking one day.  It was brown and very pretty.  But then yesterday I had the idea to spray paint it.  Love it!  Want more!

I am not quite sure why I picked up these vintage angel candles.  they kind of scare me with their peeling faces.  Creepy Christmas to you!  :)
And because I had the steam-a-seam out for another project yesterday (that I LOVE but cannot show you yet...sigh), I decided to add their initials to the pillows.  I can't wait for them to see them later.  :)

I also wrapped a big match box in that Ikea paper that I like so much. I ended the tape just on either side of the striking strip so I can still use it.
And this is when I called my sister for help.  Right after I wrapped up my lotion bottle.  hahahhahahhaa!
Here is my sink full of Christmas dishes and a pile of wet laundry. Nicky pulled a cup of coffee off the counter today right onto his face and whole little self. He was balancing on his dump truck to reach it so he fell off of that at the same time.  It was quite the dramatic event.  Luckily I put a lot of cream in my coffee (see above) so he didn't get burnt or anything horrible like that.
And finally, here is Nicky showing off a trick he learned at Grandma's house. He is so proud of himself when he gets marbles between all of his fat little fingers.

My house is a disaster.  It is at that worst half-way point of decorating.  You know when your every day messes collide with your piles of decorations and piles of things to go back downstairs?  ugh.  I took a break to write this and now it's back to work.  Hi ho, Hi ho!



  1. Elijah thinks that the angle on the left looks like Ruby:)
    So glad you like the mug.

  2. love the Nicky with marble hand picture. i'm pretty sure he is advanced! Yed has been telling me how advanced Eden is since we brought her home from the hospital. "Look Sarah, she is holding her nukie in with her hand, she is seriously advanced!" Pretty sure baby is Ivy League material :)


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