I feel sluggish, these mid-December days.  There is plenty going on, Christmas programs (2 this week), baking (some good, some not so good), haircuts, the normal kid battles...lots of stuff keeping me busy but yet, not too busy.  Every time I have a minute (or 30 or 60) I find myself on the couch, on our bed, relaxing.  I've been reading a lot, by myself and with the kids, Patrick and I have been watching TV/movies together...it's been so nice.  I feel lazy, the mood matches the gloomy weather, and I'm just going with it.  (I think a big snowfall would make it feel perfect but I don't see that happening.) 

I am writing myself a letter to open next November 1st.  It's going to remind myself to get going.  December goes by so fast and this year is a clear example that I never know what it's going to bring.  This wet and grey weather is anything but jolly and it definitely has an effect on my mood.  I know I'd be a tad bit bitchy if my to-do list were much longer so I am very thankful for the hours I already put in making this holiday special for my family and loved ones.  (and also for myself, let's be honest.  :)  )

(Also, all is not totally zen here.  Every time my sister and I are talking about something that makes us crazy we break out into a sarcastic, "Fa LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA."  It helps.  :) )
 I hope you are enjoying this time as well.  If you're not, please consider crossing something off of your list instead of stressing out about it.  After an imperfect batch of both muffins and cookies this morning I turned off the oven and called it a day.  Christmas is for quitters!  :) 



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