Thursday, March 31, 2011

one month

(first time coloring)

Well, today is the day!  I did it!  I walked 60 miles this month.  (I had one free day...took it last Sunday.)  It feels good and I am so thankful for my friends that walked with me and for the encouragement from you guys.  Thank you.

I know people like details so here they are:  I lost an inch from my chest, waist, hips and thighs and a 1/2 inch from my arms.  I lost 5 pounds this month, 3.5 of them after I started counting calories 2 weeks ago.  I was on track to lose a little weight just through the increased daily cardio, which was the question that prompted this whole thing in the first place, but I feel so good about adding in the healthier eating as I needed that change so badly.  (since I started exercising on Jan. 16th I've lost 6.5 lbs. total)

I learned a few things this month, or had things I already know reinforced:  I feel better, emotionally and physically, when I am exercising.  30 minutes most days is not too much.  I feel like eating (fairly) healthily is possible and satisfying for me.  I will not weigh myself when I have my period.  People will help you if you ask.  I might be working out below my target heart rate sometimes.  I have hobbit feet.  (that was for you, seester)  I can set goals for myself and reach them. 

Overall, a very good month.   :)  I am so excited to cue up something different tomorrow though!  I am also cooking up a new goal for April that I hope to share with you soon. 

Oh yes.  My list of healthy snacks?  I know some of that stuff isn't exactly healthy (diet coke and blow pops) but my list veered off into "snacks that feel like a little treat and aren't too many calories for me to enjoy."  I am going to try some rice cakes and also this lemon hummus my sister won't shut up about.  :)  heehee.  And frozen dates!  Who knew?!

In other news, I made the chocolate chip version of those muffins for my friends this morning.  Guess what?  I over baked them.  sigh.  I wasn't sure I should offer them dry muffins but you know what?  I did and we ate them anyways and no one choked to death.  We walked for nearly an hour and I was so glad they came in for a while afterwards.  They also enjoyed my awesome balls.  :)

Right now I have to go put some clothes on my baby.  He got so piggy dirty at dinner that I had to strip him down.

Have a good night you guys!  xoxo

there's a reason why it's called a secret

Ruby and I both ended up in the bathroom at the same time yesterday.  She invited me to stay while she did her business.  I sat down on the edge of the tub to wait for her.  (she was only peeing)

R:  Do you want to know a secret somethin' I do?
S:  Sure. (thinking, "No, I'm pretty sure that I don't.")
R:  Sometimes after I wipe and there is one dry corner of toilet paper sticking up, I pick it up and splash it around.
S:  (oh dear Lord)  Ruby, that is sick.
R:  No, it is not sick.  It is fun!
S:  Don't do that!!!

Sick, right?

(This picture is unrelated but taken yesterday, too.  She crawled into my bed for a little reading and fell right to sleep.  xoxo)


Today is a big day!  I am walking my last 2 miles later this morning with friends.  I'll be back this afternoon!  xoxo

these are a few of my favorite things

 (to eat)  (that are healthy)  (the unhealthy list would take much longer)  ;)

  1. big salads with lots of stuff (nuts, eggs, dried cranberries, chopped apples, etc.)
  2. green smoothies (Holly blogged yesterday about using almond milk in hers...I want to try this)
  3. laughing cow cheese wedges and a half/whole serving of almost anything salty (pretzel thins, all bran crackers, pretzel ritz crackers, etc)
  4. laughing cow cheese wedge, salsa and mini tostitos, baby carrots and a sliced mini cucumber for dipping
  5. laughing cow cheese wedges (period)
  6. La Tortilla Factory low carb tortillas
  7. Skinny Cow ice cream bars  (Honestly, these make counting calories possible for me.  I love ice cream and these are a good treat.)
  8. quinoa cooked in chicken broth
  9. quinoa with cooked beans and sautéed or steamed veggies (this is my lunch a lot of days)
  10. 2 scrambled eggs with black beans, laughing cow wedge (surprise!), and some salsa all wrapped up in a number 6.
  11. split english muffin with pizza sauce, mozzarella and italian turkey sausage on each half, broiled
  12. werthers candies
  13. blow pops
  14. sugar free gum
  15. sunbutter balls
  16. oatmeal with blueberries, chia seeds and some toasted coconut
  17. bagel thin with sunbutter & jelly
  18. sliced apple with sunbutter
  19. almonds
  20. almonds & baby goldfish crackers (yes, they have to be the baby ones)  ;)
  21. slice of colby cheese
  22. banana "ice cream" with some walnuts and mini chocolate chips (saw this on some blog last week...sooooo good!)
  23. piece of fruit  (will eat more fruit as it comes in season...can't wait!)
  24. brown rice & lentils with veggies
  25. hard boiled egg
  26. oatmeal with sunbutter and chopped apples
  27. tortilla with wedge of LC cheese, deli meat and sliced pickles
  28. tuna wrap with (you guessed it) LC cheese, chopped pickles, mustard and 1t of mayo
  29. mini DanActive yogurt drink
  30. good cereal (Kashi GoLean Crisp) and 1/2 C soy milk
  31. tortilla stuffed with beans, rice or quinoa and lots of sautéed veggies
  32. baked or grilled chicken breast added to any of the above (well, you know what I mean...not to my cereal.  heehee)
  33. veggie burger on a light wheat bun with a (sorry) LC cheese
  34. jumbo glasses of diet Coke
  35. hot tea with 1T cream and 1t sugar
whew!  I could go on but have to stop.  I've eaten all of this over the last 2 weeks, some of it over and over (and over).  I am definitely a creature of habit.  Now I just have to make them good ones.  :)

What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?  Please share.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

dairy & egg free blueberry muffins

I got the funniest text last week that I meant to share along with this muffin recipe.  Of course I can't find it in my phone. grrrr.  It was something like this,"I was driving along thinking how I've never made a muffin from scratch.  My family is screwed if they ever stop making those mixes!"  (that was the gist of it)

So, dear girl, this one is especially for you.  I know it's dairy and egg free but everyone who eats this muffin has enjoyed it.  Go ahead and use cow's milk if you've got it...makes no difference.  I think most people have at some point gone to make something and been like, "OH crap!  Out of eggs!"  Kind of nice to have one like this in your recipe box.  :)

Blueberry Muffins  (recipe adapted from somewhere but I forget where)

2 C flour (whatever you've got!)
1.5 t baking soda
1/2 t salt
1 C sugar
1 C milk
1/3 C canola oil
2 t vanilla
1 T vinegar (white or apple cider)
1.5 C blueberries (fresh or frozen)

Preheat oven to 375.  Grease muffin tins. Measure dry ingredients into large bowl and mix well.  Add wet ingredients and stir until just combined.  Fold in blueberries last and fill muffin cups about 3/4 full.  Bake until toothpick comes out clean, about 20-24 minutes.

These get really nice and golden brown if you leave them an extra minute or so but watch carefully.  Sometimes I add chocolate chips instead of blueberries (only 3/4 C or so) and they taste so much like a chocolate chip cookie!  Seriously.  Yum.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

so much for a moment

Ruby is sitting at the kitchen table coloring after she finishes her lunch.  Baby is sleeping.  I make my lunch and sit down next to her.  She sniffs the air and grimaces.  A minute later she gets up and says,

R:  I'm going upstairs for a while, Mom.
S:  Why?  I came to sit by you.
R:  Um, because your lunch stinks.  I'm sorry.  I'll sit by you again when you are done.

:)  I tried.


balls balls balls

No, I'm not referring to yesterday's recipe.  I'm referring to my motivation.  I have 3 more days of walking to meet my goal and I am just not feeling it this morning.  I want to get it done, though.  Once I start I am always glad that I did.  Okay.  10:15am - walking time!

I got my new DVD with the firm bands and LOVE it.  That was exactly the extra something that I was wanting in her workouts.  On Saturday Patrick sat on the couch with his coffee and watched me work out for an hour (I didn't walk on Friday so had 2 miles to make up).  Afterwards he said I shouldn't tell people that I do a "walking workout" because that sounds so easy and lame compared to what it's actually like.  That made me feel good.  :)  That and being able to kick my leg up over his head.


How are you guys?  Besides feeling shleppy (??) I am good.  Yesterday was busy, busy but really fun.  James had early release and Wendy was on spring break from student teaching so her and I and another friend took all the kids to McDonalds to play and then Wendy and the girls came back to our house while Kelly took the 3 boys (not pickles) to her house.  It was really fun and reminded me of doing fun stuff in the summer.  I am really looking forward to school being over.  I am also looking forward to it starting next fall (kindergarten!) but am so happy to have a full summer with all my kids first. 

I know it sounds obvious, all the changes that come along with adding another kid to a family, but it takes me a while to recognize exactly how I am feeling these changes.  I definitely have fewer moments with each of my big kids.  When Ruby does end up in my lap for a minute or we're sitting next to each other eating our cereal and nobody else is wanting's hard to's almost like I can feel my brain slow down and focus in on her.  I feel that now...that little gift of just a moment with one of them.  Ruby can tune out anything and just be with me.  James likes it best when it's strictly one on one.  Before everyone else is up in the morning or if Ruby watches a show upstairs after school...that's when he likes to hang out with me for a while.  I love it.  We spend lots of time all together reading or playing games or fighting (ha) or playing with the baby but having one on one time with them during the day is so special to me now.

Okay.  Enough of that.  I just had a moment, I guess.  :)

Patrick was at work all night last night.  They have a system shipping out today and he just couldn't get something to work right.  He slept in his office for a few hours and then went to Hubbard Ave for a Carnivore omelet this morning.  He sounded so tired but is going to try and come home early today for a nap.  Poor bunny.

Should I tell you something funny?  Patrick and I were kissing the other night and he rolled over onto my wrist and it made this loud snapping noise.  It surprised me more than anything and I cried out. 

S:  AH!
P:  What?!
S:  You just broke my wrist!
P:  Oh.  (short pause) Can we still have sex?

ha!  He started laughing and said he thought that would be funny to say.  It was.  Maybe you had to be there.  (But that would have been weird.)

I got new walking/jogging shoes on Sunday!  I went to Movin' Shoes on Park Street and was super happy with their service.  The guy basically said I have hobbit feet but was able to find a shoe that fit me well.   Afterwards I went to Title Nine and was not impressed with their service at all.  I was the only one in the store, 2 girls were working, and after they greeted me upon entering (and pointedly did not say, "Can I help you with anything today?") they both went in the back room!  I had to go find them and try and get their attention to try something on.  Irritating.  Plus, I didn't really find a super comfy bra.  I wasn't going to pay $56 for something that I didn't like.  bummer. 

It is past 10:15 now but I decided I am exercising at 10:30.  See how flexible I am?  :)  I am trying to decide my fitness goal for April.  It will probably be 6 days a week/30 minutes but a mix up of cardio and weight stuff.  I am really looking forward to doing some other work outs!

My last item of interest:  I sold another clothespin bag this week!  Yay!  I want to make some more now.  I know I've only sold 2 but it is encouraging to have a sale.  I have so much awesome fabric to use...I am kind of inspired now but am not sure when to fit sewing in. 

That's the other change about having a much less time.  I have pretty much accepted that now.  It's still hard sometimes but time really does go so fast

See?  It's already 10:30.  Have a great day!


Monday, March 28, 2011

man, I love these balls

My friend Heidi shared her recipe for peanut butter balls and I love them!  They are a perfect snack and have really got me through some bad cravings on my "no sweets" days (and every other day).  They do have a lot of honey (aka sugar) but there is so much healthy stuff that we forget about that.  :)  Of course, we substituted all Sunbutter for the peanut & almond butters.  Go ahead and use peanut butter if it won't kill you.  (James is fine with almond butter but I don't really like it...too gritty.)

(please don't let my turd-like picture put you off)

Stir together in a bowl and set aside:
1 3/4 Cup honey  (I used a combo of honey & agave syrup)
1 1/4 Cup Smart Balance Peanut Butter
1/2 Cup Almond Butter ( Crunchy)  (substitute any nut butter you'd like)
In another bowl combine dry ingredients:
1/2 Cup Whole Wheat Flour
1 Cup Rolled Oats  (I used quick oats and they were fine)
1 Cup Oat Bran  (I used wheat bran)
1 Cup Sesame Seeds  (I used Chia seeds)
3/4 Cup Flax Seed Meal
1 Cup Unsweetened Shredded Coconut  (I toasted mine...yum!)
3 Tbls Wheat Germ
Next combine both bowls and mix thoroughly.  Should be wet and sticky.  Roll into balls, store in an air tight container and refrigerate.
The above recipe make a LOT of balls.  I made half a batch on my sister's recommendation and I still got about 32 1" balls.  They lasted 9 days.  When I used the sparkpeople recipe calculator I found that they have about 98 calories each.  I am good with that and can easily fit 2-3 into my daily diet.  :)  They are all natural and good for you compared to the mystery ingredients in a lot of those 100 calorie pack snacks.

I added mini chocolate chips to half the batch and they didn't really add much to the whole ball experience.  Next time I make them (tonight) I am going to roll some in a mixture of cocoa powder and cinnamon.   (combine 2T cocoa powder with 1.5t cinnamon and then roll your balls in mixture before refrigerating) 

You guys.  I held myself back from making repeated ball jokes.  I could make ball jokes all day.  I think my love affair started with this:


Friday, March 25, 2011

FRI to the DAY

Firstly, here is Ruby in one of the Hawaiian dresses that Grandpa brought for her. She wouldn't try them on while he was here so I promised him pictures. He also brought us some Kona coffee and a bottle of coconut syrup. Mmmm, I love that stuff. Have you had it?
And then here is James, experimenting with the self portrait:

He discovers the self timer:
Take two:

He just showed me these last night.  I guess he took them yesterday morning.  (He is so cute.)  A while later he was making little movies and set the camera down on the counter top.  Nicholas came along and grabbed the camera strap that was dangling down. 

Guess what?  I need a new camera again.

sigh.  I can't even think about getting one for a couple of weeks.  This one still works but doesn't zoom at all and the lens doesn't close.  sigh. 

Other than that, I am v. good.  Had a really good week.  It was so nice to be out from under the oppressive thumb of menstruation.


My baby turned back into his normal sweet self, thank God.  He is taking good naps again and only getting up 47 times a night instead of 48.  mmmmm, baby love.  He is still sleeping right now and I am letting him.  His morning nap will be delayed due to thrifting and Trader Joes so this is perfect.  We need sunbutter!  Next week I will share my friend Heidi's recipe for sunbutter balls and let me tell you, they are good!

I am loving sparkpeople.  Some days I eat all of my recommended calories and am still wanting something munchy but am not hungry.  Other days (well, once...haha) I had 300 more calories I could have used but wasn't hungry.  What's up with that?  Exercising is pretty much the same every day so that's not really a factor.  Interesting.  Or not.  ha!

Have a good weekend, dear ones.  xoxo

Thursday, March 24, 2011

let's work it out

I love working out at home.  I think there are a lot of things I would enjoy about a gym but (most of the time) I am totally happy working out in my living room and neighborhood.  There are so many choices and the price?  It's right.

When I first got back into exercising I used Charter On Demand a lot because it was always available and FREE (or rather already paid for in our sky high cable bill).  If you have it, click On Demand on your remote then Sports Free then Mag Rack then Yoga & Fitness.  You'll find a nice collection of workouts varying from pilates to kickboxing to bollywood dance.  They change up what they offer so if you don't see anything you like this week, check again next week.

Another option for super cheap workouts is Netflix.  If you subscribe to online watching for $7.99/mo, or have the app on your TV, you can watch all the workouts your little (chubby) (ha!) heart desires.  Personally, I think most of them are a little dated but if you dig around you can find some good ones.  The Crunch ones are not too annoying.

Let's not forget and exercise tv.  Both of these are totally free to watch online and have various full length and mini workouts.  Oh yeah, and there's always youtube!  Search your favorite exercise guru and chances are they have something available there.

(heehee...this pic was from when I gave a Leslie DVD away a long time ago.)

I also love to treat myself to new exercise DVDs.  I normally get them from amazon or Target.  I just ordered two (this one and this one) but have otherwise only bought one other new one since before I got pregnant with Nicholas.  My home selection is probably a little dated but here are some of the ones I really like: One on One Training with Jackie5 Mile Fat Burning Walk, and Yogilates.  Jackie Warner is fun to work out with.  I think she works you out pretty hard but is nice about it.  The 5 mile walk is with my girl Leslie and you know I love her.  I love the little inspiring things she says along the way...they really do inspire me.  (I really did make a good choice today!)  Yogilates is my favorite stretching and gently strength workout I've done.  It is so relaxing, I just love to do the corpse pose at the end.  mmmmmmmmmm.  A newer Jackie workout is on my wish list...maybe in April.  Oh, if you buy a Leslie DVD my money saving tip is this:  buy one with at least 3 miles, preferably 4 or 5.  You can always do only as many as you want and you'll get more for your money with the longer ones.

I totally forgot about the library!  I have gotten lots of DVDs through the hold system.  You sometimes have to wait a while but it's a great way to try one out before you buy it.  (can't wait to get the Zumba one!  only 137 more people in front of me!)  :)

One final way that I'll mention today is Amazon Video On Demand.  I didn't know about this until we got our TV and it had an app for it.  It's a pay-per-view service but you can also buy some of the stuff that's available and it will stay in your video library permanently.  You can use this on your TV or watch online.  I purchased a 4 mile Leslie walk for $9.99 and then paid $2.99 to rent another one for a week.  Pretty reasonable, I think.

I hope this helps a little if you're looking for ways to work out at home.  I would LOVE to hear about your favorite workout DVDs or other things that you use to work out at home.  Please share!  :)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I accidentally bought a lot of stuff at last night.  Does that ever happen to you?  I went up to bed and told Patrick one thing I got.  He asked if that was all.  Well, I said, I got a new bedskirt, too.  We need it and it was out at the store.  Anything else, he asked.  No, I said.  Well, maybe just a workout DVD.  He smiled and said Bunny, anything else?  I busted out laughing and said I actually got TWO workout DVDs and one CD but that WAS IT.  Promise.

There goes my spending $ for the next week but it sure was fun.

Got to go now, I'm busy crossing things off a major list this morning.  I hope to come back later and tell you about some of my favorite workout DVDs and find out about yours.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

does this happen to you?

Whenever I have a cold I lose my sense of taste.  I hate it!  I haven't tasted much since Sunday except for an occasional reprieve when I blow my nose.  My mom says this never happens to her.  I think she's lying.  :)  Does it happen to you?

I did end up getting the house all picked up yesterday (the kitchen was the worst) and some dinner made.  It was an icky afternoon, though.  Nicholas is SO whiny, like, clinging to my legs whiny.  I tried putting him in two different carriers and he wasn't into that, either.  Just a long day.  I yelled at the kids, too, which always makes me feel guilty.  They are so sickening sometimes, though!  I get so sick of them harassing each other and talking so snotty to each other.  I had that ironic moment of yelling at them to stop yelling at each other.  Classic.  sigh.  Today I am writing bible verses about anger and positive words for myself on index cards for my cupboards so I am ready this afternoon.  I am totally okay with getting mad at them and giving them consequences (harsh ones.  ha!) for their actions but I hate when I yell because then I feel like I am being naughty, too.  Sometimes, though, yelling might be better than what I am wanting to do.  You know?  Like shake the crap out of them.  heehee.

How was your day?  (bright fake smile)

But you know what?  Yesterday is so over and today is here!  yay!  I did exercise last night so that felt good.

random thought:  Do you know I have an iPod that I've never even opened?  We can't have iTunes with our computer's operating system so I thought I couldn't use it.  HELLO, STUPID.  (I mean me) I can download music from Amazon, too!  I'm excited now!  Good walking music, here I come.

(walk down memory lane:  I remember when we got our first mp3 player about 8 or 9 years ago.  It was around $200 and could hold maybe 50 songs.  hee.  I would bring it to the Natatorium and jam out while I used the elliptical machines.  ( my body too bootylicious for ya bay-bay...)  I loved that time of my life.  I felt so good and healthy and then I got knocked up.  And then we lost that baby and I got very depressed and ate a lot of donuts and gained 10 pounds.  And then we got pregnant again and had little James.  yay!  But I never did lose that 10 pounds...)

So, ANYWAYS.  Here are some messy baby pictures.  I usually don't like looking at messy baby pictures of other babies.  They are so gross.  Even these ones of my own baby make me slightly sick.  (shudder.)  But I do tend to take them because sometimes the messiness, it's ASTOUNDING.  Feel free to click away if you feel the same.

 Okay, that one above is not too obnoxious because it's just white yogurt.  This one below is sick.  I gave him a bowl of green smoothie to keep him busy while I did the dishes yesterday.  After a while he figured out how to pop the suction cup bowl off and the rest is history.
Oh yeah, and here's a movie of what happened next.  (In case you cannot guess.)


Monday, March 21, 2011

S: here, honey,

let me clear a spot at the kitchen table for you.  You know, for your lunch, that's 2 hours late.


How is your Monday going?

My house is a big fat mess.  My baby is a big fat mess...barely sleeping and pretty miserable.  I haven't exercised yet.  I went to the thrift store this morning.  (setting me behind for my day but kinda worth it)  I just called Patrick to tell him all of the above and "warn" him what the house might look like tonight.  That there might be corn dogs for dinner.  This usually inspires me to clean everything up and surprise him.  We'll see if it works.

All of that being said, I'm not crabby.  Just behind and a bit lazy.  It's hard when I get off of my routine but sometimes I just need to slack a little.  (like last night.  I didn't do the dishes/clean up after dinner so that threw everything off for this morning.)

My no sweets days seem to be much easier now that I made sunbutter balls.  They have honey in them so they are sweet enough to give me a little fix but also full of healthy stuff.  My scale finally showed a loss on Saturday.  I decided I'm never going to weigh myself during my period (like last week) again.  Not worth it.   I'm going to try and not weigh myself again until the 31st.  I'd like to lose another 1.5 lbs by then, bringing my total for March to 5lbs lost and 60 miles walked!  That would be cool.  (If I wasn't tracking food I doubt that I'd lose that much more but with tracking food (and counting calories) it seems possible.)

My bedroom is covered with spring clothes that I washed this weekend.  So fun.  I have about 4 shirts that I want to try and alter...maybe next weekend.  It looks chilly here again for the next couple of weeks but not FREEZING.  It makes me happy seeing some new colors in my closet even if I can't wear them.

I hope you are all far more organized and on top of your games than I am.  I hope your babies are not teething and are sleeping soundly, all night long.  I hope it's warm and sunny where you are and that you have a big glass of iced diet Coke waiting for you.  (or whatever your poison is.)


Friday, March 18, 2011

my widdle popper bopper

Yes, I use disgusting baby talk with him a lot.  I love it.  I had to put the bulletin board in front of the screen door or he would have pushed it right out.  I had forgotten that about babies.  :)
Not eating any sweets sucks.  I thought I craved them the most at night but I know differently now.  I wanted something after lunch...bad.  And then after James got home and everyone was whining and I had a lot to do...I wanted a little treat so badly.  I obviously use it as an escape (which I kind of knew) but the urge was so strong.  I got really crabby for a while until I realized I could eat something else...I think my blood sugar was low, too.  After dinner I had strawberry "ice cream" and that was delicious.  Just freeze some strawberries and a banana, put them into your food processor, add a splash of milk and process until smooth and creamy.  Add milk as needed, sparingly.  Give it a few minutes and it will cream up, promise.  (you can use all bananas, too.)  I haven't had anything sweet yet today but know I will later on.  yay!  :)

I walked 3 miles with Leslie yesterday and was happy to see that I burned an estimated 378 calories in 43 minutes.  Walking that same amount of time outside would only burn me 275, but is arguably more enjoyable, so it's good to mix it up.  (I can't wait to do other exercises again but am back to feeling happy about marching through march!)  I signed up at and really like it.  I put in my weight and height and goal weight and how often I exercise and it calculated how much I should eat to get there at my chosen rate of 1 lb. a week of weight loss.  Wish me luck!  It is SO true that writing down what you eat is super helpful.  I just immediately saw why choosing the healthier choices are so important.  Sounds obvious and dumb but seeing it that way helps me so much.  (that's why I liked WW a lot.) 

Anyways, I have to go exercise and get ready as we are getting out after baby wakes up for a little thrifting.  Have a good weekend!  xoxo

Thursday, March 17, 2011

you guys

It is such a good feeling, the best feeling, to be having a hard time with something and put it out there and get so much support in return.  Thank you so much.

My sister-in-law texted and said she was going to beat up the treadmill lady (or something like that...maybe kick her ass?), my sister called with an idea for us to give up sweets every other day (we totally are...she's brilliant...and then Sybil commented a while later with basically the same idea...she's brilliant, too!), Heidi emailed and told me about and Sybil told me about sites offer great tools and were exactly what I needed right now, and there was lots of commiseration and cheerleading and a phone call from my mom this morning.  You guys are awesome.  You know that?

About the rotten treadmill lady.  She really isn't rotten.  She just owned a gym for 4 years and felt pretty comfortable giving out advice, as she probably should.  She didn't know it would crush my fragile spirit that particular day.  Let's come together as a community and forgive her, okay?  :)

I am feeling better today and excited to start tracking what I eat.  I might even share it here. 

The fun, it never stops. 

Except for I guess it does, because today?  A no sweets day.  sigh.


Nicholas was 11 months old yesterday.  sob.  He is so chewy and sweet-smelling and well, kind of ornery right now.  He is teething again.  He also wants what he wants and is prepared to fight until he gets it.  He is also taking steps.  James witnessed this last night and couldn't believe it.  "He is NOT EVEN one yet!" he said in disbelief. 

James is good, reading his heart out.  They want the kids to read 100 minutes a week and James read 152 this first week.  He really wants that book in the library with his name on it.  (that is their reward)  I made him some Irish Potato Candy for his St. Patty's treat at school today and those little nuggets sure are tasty.  (too bad I can't have another one until tomorrow) 

Ruby is also doing well.  We had parents night on Tuesday and it was good to hear all her teacher had to say.  They do a pretty thorough evaluation of the kids, I was impressed.  Miss Cheri said they look forward to her stories every day and that she is really nice to the other kids.  (I'm so glad she only thinks about hitting them instead of actually doing it.)

I got to work out in the yard yesterday and it felt so good!  I got one bed weeded (we left all the dead stuff last fall) and some done on the side of the house.  I had a huge pile of weeds (some of them were more like small bushes) beside me and the garbage man slowed down when he passed and said if I got it all in the front that he'd take it for me when he came back around.  Wasn't that nice of him?  I fell in love with him a little bit in that moment.  (It doesn't take much.  I'm easy like that.)  I was also happy to see 2 big spiders and a bunch of tiny ones.  Spring is on the way!

Here we are...another post with no pictures.  I'm sorry.  I will have some more soon, maybe tomorrow.  I am going to go walk now.  I can't wait!  :)


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

let's be honest here

I am a little sick of walking.  I miss my other exercises but don't really have time (or want to make time) to do more than the walking right now.  I still enjoy the Leslie or Biggest Loser walks but mixing them up with real fresh air walks is helping a lot.  I'm glad I made a public goal or I'd be slacking off right now.  :)  How are my walking friends doing?

I am going to try and do these arm exercises a few times a week.  My arms are feeling especially neglected and these really won't take much time.

I am also feeling a little discouraged as there has been no weight or inches lost.  Well, there might have been some inches but this week is not a good week to measure if you know what I mean.  I'm thinking the discouraging thoughts might coincide with some hormonal shifts so I'm trying to go easy on myself this week. 

The middle of the night is always the hardest time for me.  Is it for you?  The middle of the night is when I replay things that have happened during the day (or previous days) that hurt my feelings a little or made me feel bad in some way.  It's when I think I want to write super crabby blog posts or stop blogging altogether.  It's when I wonder why I bother sharing such personal stuff here.  Why I don't just keep it to my kids and leave it at that.  It's when I tell myself I'm stupid for making a goal that isn't even doing ONE THING.

I hate the middle of the night.  Thankfully, it's followed by the morning.

Like this morning, I am feeling good again.  I can brush off that statement made to me yesterday that treadmills are 100x better for exercising or that what I'm doing isn't working.  Yes, that stuff bothered me a little.  I don't have a treadmill or a gym nearby that I can join.  The closest one is 20 minutes away (hi Heidi!) and getting there around my baby's nap schedule would be nearly impossible.  I'm not losing weight (this month) but I know why.  (shhhh.  I still eat brownies.)  If I could do an interval training on the treadmill I probably would see faster results (like a woman told me last night) but you know what?  I didn't start this for only visible results.  I need to remind myself of that.  I've been exercising for 2 months today (woohoo!) and feel really, really good about it.  I've started back with a habit that I know will only serve me well, no matter what.  I like to thank God every time I exercise.  I don't want to take a single day with my healthy body for granted. 

I want you to know this is not aimed at anyone who reads this blog.  I have gotten nothing but support here and it means SO MUCH to me.  Any insecurities I have about blogging are from, well, my insecurities.  :)  It can be hard to "put yourself out there" in all areas of life and this is just one of them.

The other side of this is this:  I do want to lose weight, too.  At least 20 lbs.  I didn't want to get discouraged so I knew I had to focus on exercising first and I did.  I am not sure if I want to join WW again ($) or just try to count calories on my own.  (I might email you, Sybil.  :)  )  I really thing that the MAIN thing I need to do is really watch my treats at night.  I eat fairly healthy during the day (though my portions might be too large...that is so easy to do) but kind of pig out at night on sweets.  This is a bad habit/sugar craving that I know is hard to break.  I have some ideas of things to try (of course I do...haha) but am not trying anything until this week is over.  (if you know what I mean.)  ;)

So that is the long look at what's swirling around in my head this morning.  (and last night.)  Right now I'm going to put my naughty little pickles (up FIVE times last night) in his stroller and hit the pavement. 

Thanks for always listening and visiting me here.  xoxox

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

half way there

My battery was dying but I got this blurry shot of the boys on Saturday.
Nicholas has certain demands for meal time now. Plate and utensils PLEASE.
And the zoo:


p.s.  30 miles walked so far this month!  And my butt!  It's the same size!!!


Monday, March 14, 2011


I am posting quickly now because tomorrow is going to be a busy day. 

I googled couch to 5K this morning because I remembered Wendy doing it a couple of years ago.  I decided to start the program to get me headed towards a 5K with Kari in June.  I tried it tonight even though I wasn't ready and was soooo tired after running the first 60 second burst.  It was discouraging, I'll be honest.  I know these things, though:  1) was not hydrated at all  2)  probably ran too fast for a never-before-runner 3) did not stretch (was trying to hurry and be home in time for the FINAL ROSE) and 4) wearing flat Rocket Dog tennies.  :)  So, I'm going to give myself a break, be smart and wait until I get the right shoes.    (It is not going to be easy, I can tell.  But it will be worth it.  I can tell that, too.  :)  )

((Holly told me in the comments that she is doing this also and I would love to hear how it's going for you, Holly!))

James stayed home today and it seemed like it might be a looooooong day.  We ended up at the zoo for over 2 hours and just had such a nice time.  Loving this nice weather!  LOVING.

gots to go to bed.  xoxo

monday morning, quiet house

Along with the rest of the world, my heart is breaking for Japan.  The devastation is unimaginable. 

In a different way, I am also sad for my own state.  The craziness has been going on for nearly a month now and I am so unhappy with all that is happening. 

I am struggling with not letting it all overwhelm me.  Whenever disasters like this occur in other parts of the world (or even in our own country) I feel almost guilty like, "why them?  why not us?"  We seem so safe here in the Midwestern United States.  Our lives are so privileged and safe in so many ways despite the heartbreaking political crap that is going on. 

I know praying seems like a small thing to do in the face of such huge problems but I know God hears every prayer.  I feel a lot more "connected" to situations when I am praying about them.  Sometimes it helps me to imagine a certain family or to focus on a certain city so it doesn't seem too overwhelming. 

I wish I remembered to pray for our country and world more often...more than just when disasters strike.  My daily prayers seem to focus on praise and thanksgiving and my circle of family and friends.  That is definitely something I'd like to work on.  Do you pray for the world every day?  How do you remember your prayer list?  (I should probably make an actual list again like I do for everything else!) 


Dudes.  It has taken me like 15 minutes to write that little bit up there.  It is hard enough for me to form coherent sentences about my day to day's nearly impossible for me to write about things that are really emotional to me.  I feel like I want to choose my words so carefully or explain exactly how I feel about things but I just never have that kind of time.  I want you to know (you being anyone reading this) that just because I don't write about something doesn't mean it isn't on my mind and my heart.  I love to jot down the little stuff that stands out about our lives and usually don't touch on most of the other stuff of life that really affects me because it is a lot harder to write (well) about that stuff and takes a LOT longer.  I need short, friends.  I have a baby.  :) 

Onto the short...

We were so happy to have my Dad here this weekend and so happy to have our dear Patrick home. 

I broke our grocery budget and spent an additional $66 on food for the weekend.  Patrick said he'd like beef stroganoff for dinner on Saturday (I asked him) so I had to go get the ingredients.  As it happens, I also had to get beer, creamer, orange juice, bacon, goldfish crackers, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, celery and french bread.  Oh, and an apple pie.  :)  Darn it!  It was good, though.

Wendy called me yesterday afternoon to see if I could walk with her.  It was so fun to see her (she is student teaching this semester and very busy) and so fun to walk with a friend!  Loved it.  I walked outside by myself on Saturday morning and that felt good, too.  Kari did a 5K this weekend (go Kari!!) and said she is going to do one every month this summer.  (awesome.)  She thought maybe I'd like to join her?  Kari didn't know that running a 5K is on my list of personal goals for the year.  I haven't run a step yet but I think I might try to do one with her!  This means I need some new shoes and a super good bra.  Any suggestions?

I know there was more I wanted to mention but it has all slipped my mind.  I have to go now and get my walk on.  Tonight is THE FINAL ROSE so I know I won't have time later on.  :)


Friday, March 11, 2011

all of that being said,

I am done now and want Patrick home.

My kids all woke up wild and loud and I found my patience to be short, short, short.  James is at school now and Nicholas will nap in an hour.  I just have a long to-do list that I want to finish in a short time so we can enjoy the sunshine.

Wish me luck!  :)


p.s.  I loved these pictures from our walk yesterday:

extreme not try this at home:
always looking down so she doesn't miss any treasure:

miraculously, we fit a baby in the stroller, too:

bringing home some snow in case all of ours melted:

(Ruby is now in her room.  Pickles is busy destroying something and I'm going to finally eat breakfast and have coffee.  There is hope for me yet...)

this week I...

  • got up at 5:30 on Monday morning to kiss my husband goodbye.  
  • had twitchy eye all day until I heard he had landed safely in California
  • took the kids out for 4 one mile walks
  • had James ask to go for another one last night.  (James used to put up such a stink about after school walks.  He seems to like the fact that we are walking ONE WHOLE MILE.  :)  )
  • made super easy, but fairly healthy, meals all week
  • said YES to chocolate more often
  • yelled a little more than I like  
  • prayed a lot
  • realized I cannot have yelling match with Ruby.  she is 4.  bad habit to start
  • was lonely at night, missed Patrick
  • watched LOTS of TV...more than I have in a looooooong time
  • enjoyed it but done now  (just got some good books in from the library yesterday!)
  • drove James to school every morning
  • totally messed up Nicholas' sleep schedule
  • met a friend for coffee
  • made one emergency trip to Target
  • bought Ruby swimsuit at Target and tshirt that says "BE CAREFUL I BITE"
  • made Ruby promise not to bite
  • cleaned up after the MUDDIEST play date ever
  • walked 8 miles  (will hopefully do 2 more this morning)
  • thanked God for my healthy body that can move freely
  • swept kitchen 33 times
  • washed entry way rugs  (soooooo dirty!  blech.)
  • watched super hilarious Elmo segment

  • took one emergency trip to Target
  • came up with a good idea for our patio
  • kept up with the laundry
  • drank a lot of tea  (I get so chilled in the afternoon during that slump time)
  • taught myself how to use the snowblower and did our sidewalk and whole driveway because it was so much fun  (we got 4" of wet and HEAVY snow.  I had a friend coming and didn't want her to have to slog through it all.)
  • realized why it takes Patrick so long to snow blow  (that thing does not move fast)
  • was lonely, missed Patrick
  • made Ruby go to her room just so I could read my new US Weekly
  • listened to James read every afternoon
  • played the WII  (nope, still not a gamer)
  • had at least one kid in my bed every night  
  • didn't mind

It wasn't a perfect week but what week ever is?  Sometimes I think I am a better parent when I know I won't have anyone to take over later on.  I can't let stuff slide and don't want to go down a bad road when I know that there is no relief in sight. 

I wish I could have that mindset all of the time.  I want to work on that.  It's not that we are always a hot mess when Patrick gets home, we're not really, but my spirits seem to dip until the kids are in bed.  That's not really how I want to meet my husband after a long day apart.  Does anyone else experience this?

One part of me thinks that's part of parenting with a partner...being able to slump over sometimes.  The other part of me thinks I act like a baby sometimes.  :)

Anyways, we had a really good week.  I totally thank God for that.  Patrick will be home really late tonight.  We can't wait. 

Later today the Grandpa is coming!  We are all looking forward to that, too.

James just got up and I promised him a game of candy land at 6:40.  It's 6:36...I still might have time to start a pot of coffee...


Thursday, March 10, 2011

if the beverly hillbillies had a stroller


I'll be back tomorrow.  I hope you had a great Thursday!


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

cookie cookie cookie starts with C

I came home last Saturday evening to find Nicholas in his high chair with a piece of chocolate cake.

I wanted to wait for his birthday but Patrick didn't know that.  (oh well.)

So yesterday it was easy to say, "what the heck!  let's give the baby a cookie!"  :)

He liked it.

I used a flaxseed & water mixture as the egg replacer and I didn't like it as much as the powdered soy milk & corn starch mixture that I normally use.  The kids can't tell the difference, though...they really liked them.

James & Ruby said yesterday was the best afternoon ever because I let them have a mini fondue as an after school snack.  James melted chocolate chips (in the microwave) and then they dunked strawberries, sunbutter balls (used a recipe similar to this but with wheat germ added) and pretzels.  They loved it!  A while later I let them blow bubbles in the kitchen.  Man, they thought I was double awesome.

I'm not sure what got into me.  ;)

Right now I'm going to do my 2 mile walk.  I am still on track and will have 18.5 miles after today.  woot!

Thanks for the comments on the groceries post, too.  I am a little lonely this week and the conversation was much appreciated.  :)  I like how my darling aunt Kristy figured out the cost per person/per day.  It makes it seem SO much better to look at it that way...pretty amazing, actually.  We don't eat out a whole lot, either, so that budget feeds all of us for most meals.  (well, probably only 3 lunches a week for Patrick.)

Anything else you all want to talk about?  I'm all ears.  :)


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

a favorite dinner

I swear I could eat this 3 or 4 times a week.  I love these bags of brown rice...4 minutes to perfect rice!  I added some (canned) navy beans to the rice and sautéed a bunch of fresh veggies...zucchini, asparagus, mushrooms, and added some frozen pepper blend from Trader Joes. 

So good!!!  So easy!  I'm having it again tonight.  Too bad no one else in my family likes it.  :(

Has anyone tried black rice?  How about chia seeds?  I am wanting to try both of those.

I just put the second pan of chocolate chip cookies in the oven and boy does the house smell good.  mum mum mum.

Back to the grocery budget.  A while ago a friend asked a bunch of us how much we spent on groceries and the answers were very interesting.  I think I've talked about this before but I'm curious again...

how much does your family spend? 

Like I said, we spend about $250 every 2 weeks.  I think our budget is a little high but I buy a lot of specialty stuff that is safe for James and try to buy mostly organic (or at least vegetarian fed/no antibiotic) meat and eggs.

I'm super curious.  Will you share?  Also, any great tips on saving $$ would be appreciated...everything is so expensive now.


I have to make cookies today (and 1000 pictures)

I was trying to get a cute pic of the kids to send to a loved one yesterday. Ruby was still in character as "angry mail dog" and had a hard time coming out of it.

she did eventually...

poor pickles

I had no idea James took this picture. I laughed so hard when I saw it this morning. Hard evidence of the afternoon slump. :)


I am trying a new budget for us this two week period.  I withdrew cash and am trying to only use as much as I budgeted in certain categories.  My personal cash is already gone.  :)  I got my hair cut and brows waxed on Saturday and poof!  I am giving myself more though as that wasn't planned for.

See how easy budgeting is!  hahaha  I am kidding.  Since we are new to this (I mean we always have a rough budget) I am considering this first month as a period of seeing how we actually spend our money. 

I figured we normally spend about $250 on groceries for a 2 week period so that's what I had with me for grocery shopping.  I spent some at our local grocery store and some more at Whole Foods.  When I got to Woodmans I had $153 and some change left.  My bill came to $153.77!  :)  I had put back the packages of cookies, a pineapple and some flowers before I went to check out and I am glad I did.  (I had my debit card but didn't want to use it.) 

That was my long winded way of saying I have to make cookies today so James will have treats for his lunch.

In other news, Ruby was driving me so nuts this morning.  8:50 could not come soon enough!  She clomped all over my freshly swept and mopped floor in her muddy boots and it drove me CRAZY.  (I hate sweeping.)  She had been out looking for animal tracks in the freshly fallen snow.  She thought she saw an animal that had star paws until she realized those tracks were from her own boots.  :)

I guess I should go now.  I have stuff to do!  and breakfast to eat!  and crying babies to ignore!  (kidding.)


Monday, March 07, 2011

my little cake boss

James came up with a concept for his cake (a round, 2 layer affair) and we decorated it on Saturday morning.  I thought it was cute but had liked his previous idea better.  Guess what?  He won!  :)  He won in the "most creative kid made" category.  My friend is a co-leader and she told me James was so proud.  :)  (Patrick was there but couldn't tell me anything except that he won and was happy.  men.)  ;)

You want to know the bad news?  I forgot to get a picture.  I KNOW!  What is wrong with me?

Luckily, he managed to recreate it for me:

It's a scene from the pinewood derby.  (He spelled derby right on his cake.)  This shows the ramp that the cars race down.  He is a minimalist, no?  ;)  He wanted to do the gym bleachers in the background but we didn't have any brown icing.

For the potluck I sent these baked hot dogs.  I really can't tell you how good these things are and I don't even really like hot dogs!  SOOOOOOOOO good.  


I got a message from Sybil last night that she had walked 10.5 miles over the weekend!  A while later I saw on Kari's blog that she had walked on Thursday, Friday and Saturday even though she was at the Kalahari with her family!

I was sitting at my computer not having walked since Friday.  I was thinking I was too tired (9pm) and that I'd just have to make up those 4 miles over this week.  Thanks to those 2 I got up and did my miles...all 4 of them!  woot!  I just finished my 2 for today, good to start the week off on track.  Thanks you two!

This feels totally wrong as it's only 11am but I totally want one of those hot dogs.

Have a good Monday, dears.


oh yeah, here's mr. pickles navigating the rough waters of the kitchen:

 And Miss Ruby setting the table:

(and yes, Nicholas almost always is wearing jammies.)  :)

Friday, March 04, 2011

it's all I got

Nicholas is super helpful when it comes to emptying the dishwasher these days.

Actually, he is super helpful about emptying anything these days.

Let me know if you need him to come over for a while and help empty stuff, okay?



I want to thank you guys for the sweet comments lately.  I am happy you like my banner.  It was super fun to make...I love old photos.  :)

I had to do my walking last night and it was not easy to get going at 8:45, let me tell you.  Glad I did, though.  6.5 miles so far this month with another 2 on deck here in a few minutes.  I'm feeling it in my legs, that is for sure.

I am wondering if my cousin has had her baby yet.  I am missing my cousins today. 

I can't focus on this right now.  I hope you guys have a super freaking awesome weekend. 

OH YEAH.  I sewed one of the badges ON THE WRONG POCKET.  gah!  I am going to rip it off and then get some badge magic like Mim told me about.  Thank you for that!  :)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

those crazy cubs

James has Tiger Cubs tonight and it is looking like it means a whole day of pesky little tasks for me.  I have to:

sew 2 new patches on his shirt
organize hunt for his neckerchief ring
make him some cookies so he has a safe & yummy snack
print out some family photos
have him cut food pics out of magazines
send a check for a cave trip
go through book and mark some things off so it looks like we've done something

Okay, it's my fault I saved all of this for the last minute, but still!  :)  They also have some banquet on Sunday that I need to make a dish for (to share) and help him bake a cake so he can decorate it.  whew. 

He is totally into the cooking thing, though, so he can make that cake himself.  This morning he made a box of shells & cheese (dairy free) for his lunch nearly by himself.  (I drained the pasta)  He also emptied the dishwasher. (as a consequence for telling me he was going to hurt me last night when I said it was time to do his reading.)  (nice.)  It was quite a productive morning around here. 

It's almost time to go get Ruby and I haven't walked yet.  Nicholas slept in this morning (had to wake him up at 8:30) so he hasn't had his morning nap yet.  He is ready now but it is not to be.

Hey - it's Thursday!  :)  xoxo

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

holy mother of babbling

My toes are freezing.  I am so tempted to dunk them in my coffee.
oh, that would feel good.  
I will probably just go get some socks, though.

How are you this morning?  I have been busy making my new banner for March  (see above) (no over and see above!)  (it's cute)  (if I may say so) as well as a little button you can put on your blog if you're going to walk with me.  (and if you want to, of course.)  You just copy the little code in the box underneath the picture (over there in the right sidebar), then go to your blog and under the DESIGN tab click on ADD A GADGET.  From there you select the HTML/JavaScript option and paste the copied code into the box.  You should have a button then that will send all of your millions of readers over to me so I can warp their minds with nonsense and proceed with my evil plan to take over the world!!!

Oh, wait.  Where was I?  Oh yeah.  walking.  :)  Kari said she is joining me!  Awesome, Kari!  And Sybil sounded like she might.  yay!  I wish we all lived closer so we could walk together for reals.  (well, Kari and I could with some planning and a warm day!)  I walked 2.5 miles yesterday and am planning on walking my 2 for today in a little while.

Something sad:  So, six weeks of exercising and only 1.5 pounds of weight loss.  It was 2.5 pounds but one pesky pound has been hanging around for the last week.  I hope it's just my cycle.

I have to stop here.  I never used to EVER mention when I got my period.  I mean, why would I??  But now, since having pickles, I am seeing so clearly how it affects me and my body and my moods.  I am noting important things (moods, bloating, EGG WHITE DISCHARGE (ha!) ) so I can have a better idea of what to expect (and try to manage) month to month.  
I promise I will stop mentioning anything specific as of now.

So yeah, that's sad but not really as I still eat a lot of sweets.  I am thinking of ways to cut back and I'll let you know if I try any.  I also measured myself yesterday for this new month of walking.  I last measured myself 18 days ago and there was NO CHANGE.  If I didn't see such clear benefits in terms of my moods and energy levels I would be totally discouraged.  

((I say that and I think, "But what about last week when you were so mopey and BORED???"  Well, I tell myself, imagine how much worse it could have been!))

Do you know where this marching through March came from?  I know I need to exercise longer and walking 2 miles takes me 30 minutes.  A lot of times in the last 6 weeks I would exercise 30 minutes or more but a lot of times I would only do a 15 or 20 minute workout, too.  I'm curious if I'll see a difference doing a solid 30 mins a day.  I'll let you know.
I re-read my archives from March of 2007 yesterday.  Good times.  I have slipped into a springy mindset kind of by accident.  I know it's delusional but I'm going to try and sustain it.  It is supposed to be 40 again on Friday.

Well, my toes are still cold so I must go.  I am going to walk with Leslie and sweat a little bit.

I wanted to say, "1 month, 60 miles, no excuses (or high heels) " but there just wasn't enough room.  :)


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

a small slice

snotty, food covered poppers*:
james before conferences:
screaming because he wants the camera:
blurry but look at those teeth!:
she found some treasure:  (of course she did)
feeling happy to be outside but wow, harsh sunlight is not flattering for my eyes:
playing with Styrofoam nugget "boats":
sorry about the snot:  (hard to get him without it these days)

*We call Nicholas "poppers" a lot of the time now, or popper bopper.  This mutated from pickle poppers.

I made some vegetable beef soup for dinner and am considering adding some whole wheat macaroni just to make sure that no one eats it.


So today was beautiful and sunny and we got out for a nice, long walk.  It was a bit windy but hats kept us warm.  I know it's going to be colder again so I tried to soak up all the fresh air that I could.  (Right before we came in I stripped down nekkid and did 3 laps around the yard.)


I got our taxes done and filed!

I really am looking forward to getting new cushions for the patio furniture this year.  Also, the swing that we inherited last year was kind of on its' last legs.  If it can't be salvaged I am getting a new one of those, too, because we loved it.

I can't wait to use my clothes line again!

We have so much yard work to catch up on from last year.  ugh.

I already have garden envy as I don't think I can handle having one this year.  What am I going to do when all I see on blogs everywhere are luscious GARDENS?  I think I'd better find us a CSA.

Patrick and Nicholas are developing some neat bonds lately.  I love this for the obvious reasons (very sweet) and for some selfish ones (so nice!).  He got him back to sleep twice last night!  (poor buddy was so snotty he could hardly breathe.)  Nicholas lunges towards him when he gets home from work and cries when he goes to the bathroom!  (hahahhahahhaaaa! now he sees how I feel!)  It's very heartwarming.  I asked Patrick if he was mad that we had 2 boys because when we split up for certain activities, he will have 2 kids while I will only have 1.  He said no because Ruby is really like 4 kids.  :)

Ruby is good.  She went to a trashy birthday party (for a very sweet girl who is not trashy, just her party location was trashy) at our local bowling alley on Sunday and now that's where she wants hers.  sigh. 

James is feeling better and is busily at work right now on a new math workbook I found for him.  He admitted to me at conferences that he really wanted a math book of his own to work on at home.  I love dreams that are so easily fulfilled.

oh yeah:

J:  Uh, Mom?  Can you come and help me figure out this word?
S:  How is it spelled?  (aka do I really need to get up?)  (I was in bed)
J:  Uh...W  O  R  D.
S:  (looks at Patrick and then back at James)  Really???
J:  (looks confused)  Yeah.
P:  (gets up to go see and comes back laughing)  It was the word word.


That's all I got right now.



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