Tuesday, July 26, 2011

good morning

I dropped James off earlier for his first day of scout camp. 

This morning at breakfast he looked up at me and said he was a bit nervous to be going so far away from us for the whole day.  I told him I was too but I knew he would be fine.  We said a prayer together and headed over to the bowling alley.  The dad he ended up riding with had tricked out the middle row of his van:  there was a cooler between the seats with a stack of kid magazines...Lego, Boys Life and Nat'l Geographic.  James jumped right in and grabbed a copy of Lego.  He didn't even look up to say goodbye.  :)  The other dad came over before they pulled out and said, "Man.  Now I feel bad...I just put a movie on for the kids in my van."  I laughed and said I didn't know that dads compared themselves to other dads, too.  So cute.  I'm so excited for him and I hope he has a great day.  Patrick is going with the next 2, maybe 3, days so that will be awesome. 

I am also happy for the little break from normal that this week allows.  James will be gone all day today through Thursday and possibly Friday.  Patrick will be off with him during the day but home much earlier than usual in the afternoon AND the best part of all, my 2 cousins are coming to visit!  Jessica, Sarah and Jessica's 3 kids are all coming tonight!  I can't wait!!  Love my cousins.  I just wish the 3rd sister was coming.  (but I have secret plans to go visit them in Sept. or Oct. by myself or with just my baby so I will see her then!)

(warning:  long food allergy paragraph ahead)

The little kids and I have plans to meet a friend at a park this afternoon and then Wendy, Kelly and I are getting together tonight to discuss the food allergy situation for the next school year.  James will be going to a new school and they are not at all on the peanut-free bandwagon or even taking it very seriously.  Not in an icky way but they just seem so uninformed.  sigh.  I feel like the meeting I attended last week was a huge blessing because it gave us so much information about where we should start and great contact information.  The attorney that spoke is a mother to a food allergic girl.  She basically led the Verona school district through creating their food allergy safety program and was so knowledgeable and helpful.  Another woman came up to me afterwards and offered to send me the 504 plan she had created for her 3rd grade daughter in Middleton.  See, our kids are protected under the disabilities act...their schools, by LAW, need to accommodate them.  The last 2 years his school was a lot smaller and they were willing to do whatever we wanted basically so we didn't have one.  This year will be a different situation, we don't know exactly what yet, and a 504 plan is a legally binding document that will offer James more protection, protection that he is entitled to.  The unknown is always so scary, just like when he was starting Kindergarten, but I know we will get there.  I also am so unbelievably thankful that I have 2 friends to go through all of this with.  How lucky are we?  (although luck has nothing to do with it.  :)  )

whew!  Well now I have to either go vacuum or email my cousins and tell them my house will be a mess when they get here.  Actually, I will probably do both.  Best to cover all bases.

I wanted to write about lots of other little stuff but that's what came out of me.  Hope you have a great day and rest of the week.  See you next week?

Monday, July 25, 2011

day at the museum

Nicky liked it:
James and Iris, working together:
Ruby, Eloise and Nicky:

All the kiddos: 
Afterwards we stopped by Whole Foods to get some ice cream bars:

Friday, July 22, 2011

reporting live from the pigsty

Good morning, all.

No food list today but it was pretty much like yesterday except I had pizza for lunch and very delicious veggie kabobs (with some steak) for dinner.  I ended up at 1730 calories.  I am down 1lb so nearly back to where I want to be to, you know, be back to.  (?)

We had so much fun yesterday at the children's museum.  We met Sybil and her friend Beth and the kids just played and played and played.  It was great!  Nicky loved it.  So cute and strange to see him running all over these "big kid" places.  Wasn't he just my tiny one?  Wasn't he just happy chewing on baby toys?
 Oh, wait.  That was last summer.  Wow, time flies.  But we all knew that, right?

So anyways.  The pigsty.  It's here and it's bad.  We kept the house soooooo clean M-W and then didn't do a darn thing yesterday morning before we left (except a glute workout.  yikes.) or after we got home.  No laundry pick up, no dishes, no toy pick up...nothing.  I barely made dinner...waited until Patrick got home and then sat out by the grill with some tongs and a huge cherry coke zero.  It was quite lovely, the sloth-ness.  This morning I slept in until 8:00 and then James made me breakfast.  (yes, the final 2 pieces of cinnamon toast are sadly gone now.  RIP.)  Nicky slept until 8:30 and Ruby woke up at just before 9:00.  We have swim lessons (maybe) in an hour and I am considering the thrift store this afternoon.  But I will clean up the sty before Patrick gets home.  I don't like to start the weekend with a mess.

I have lots of pictures from the museum but am, you guessed it, too lazy to get them off of my camera right now.  I wish you a very happy weekend!  :)  xoxo

Thursday, July 21, 2011

family, part 4

for cheryl, who finds this helpful (sorry brother :) )

  • 2 pieces of cinnamon raisin toast with sunbutter:  290
  • coffee and cream:  50
  • 1/2 banana:  45
  • 2 pcs toast w/sb:  290  (don't worry, it's almost gone)
  • fruit salad with 1/2 c each of strawberries, blueberries & bananas:  100
  • 2 chocolate rice cakes:  120
  • 3/4 med. apple:  60 
  • veggies  (1/2 c snap peas, 12 cherry tomatoes, 1/2 c carrots):  60 
  • 24 almonds:  170
  • many baby goldfish: 140  (I was STARVING after water aerobics and thankfully had fish & almonds in the car...another strange "dinner" but it did the trick along with the next item)
  • banana from quik trip:  90
  • light frappucino:  110
  • 5 ritz crackers:  70
  • laughing cow cheese:  35
  • few more veggies:  30
total:  1660

I went a little over but don't feel bad about it because I did get in a lot of fruits and veggies.  I woke up starving, though, probably because I was fairly low on protein for the day.  A new day!  Too bad the calories rack up so fast...I'd like to eat a lot more.  :)
 We ended up staying home yesterday even though I really wanted to hit the dig.  There just wasn't time to do that and get back for water aerobics.  Maybe tomorrow?  It's been ages.  I met Sybil at the book store last night and had such a good time listening to one of her favorite authors speak and then chatting over yummy drinks.  We are heading out for swimming in a while and then lunch & the children's museum afterwards.  Mama is going to need a long nap sometime soon.

I wanted to add my last day of Duluth pictures today (compliments of my sister) but I exceeded my blog storage level of 7mb!  It took me nearly 5 years to get there so I don't mind.  I purchased more (20mb for $5/year) but it hasn't gone through quite yet.  Tomorrow, darlings!


    Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    tuesday's food diary, dedicated to my mother

    • 2 pieces of cinnamon raisin toast with sunbutter: 290 cal
    • 1/2 banana: 45
    • 1 1/4 slices of co-jack cheese:  125
    • 5 ritz crackers:  70
    • banana:  90
    • 12 almonds:  85
    • laughing cow candy bites:  120
    • iced coffee with creamer:  70
    • 2 pieces of cinnamon raisin toast with sunbutter:  290
    • 12 almonds:  85

    • mcdonalds ice cream cone:  150
    • 1/2 c blueberries:  40
    • 1/2 c strawberries:  25
    • 1/2 c carrots: 25
    total:  approx: 1535 calories


    Wow, a good day!  Kind of a strange day as I don't usually eat toast for dinner, but a good one.   

    This has felt like a super busy week and it is only Wednesday morning.  It's good though as I didn't want to be just sitting around being hot all week. 

    Both kids had friends over on Monday which was crazy but went pretty well.  Monday night Kelsey came so I could go to water aerobics.  Yesterday Wendy and I took the kids to a sweaty and stinky open gym at madtown twisters...the kids (mostly) loved it.  Nicky was so cute...he spent the first 10 minutes just walking around with his mouth open...so much to take in!  Kelsey came last night until Patrick got home so I could go to a food allergy meeting with Wendy.  Afterwards we did a little shopping and hit the drive through for a cone.  So fun!  I'm not sure what we are doing today (perhaps nothing) but tonight I am meeting Sybil at the bookstore and tomorrow we are meeting her and her girls at the children's museum...yay!

    The heat is kind of miserable and today is going to be the hottest yet.  Just being out for a few minutes (like getting in and out of the van) makes everyone cranky.  Thank God we don't live down south.  How do you all do it???  :)

    James is badgering me to do play-doh (not before swimming!) and Nicky just dumped a whole lot of rice krispies on himself and the floor.  James and Nicky are both laughing.  James was just told he better stop or he'll be cleaning it up.  James stopped.

    I need to go parent now.  le sigh.  I hope you are all having good weeks.  Oh yeah!  This blogging was brought to you by my sister.  I told her yesterday that mom had commented that posting what I ate would indeed be boring so I was going to make sure and do it BUT probably not today because I hadn't exercised yet and was leaving soon.  She was like, what are you doing now?  fine, I sighed, and exercised.  A super hard workout I had never tried, Barre3, and it was really good.  so thank you seester!  xoxox

    family time/part 3

    babies in hoodies = love:
    reunited and it feels so good:
    hello, hair dye?  I need you.
    picnic at the rose garden:

    incognito ruby and rachel:
    regular ruby & rachel:
    the van on the way home,  what a STY:



    Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    ducks in a row/shit together/you know what I mean

    So my family left last Wednesday but I've continued living in "vacation world."  Vacation world is great, don't get me wrong, but it's not so great for my ass.

    When everyone arrived at our house just over 2 weeks ago I was 21.5 lbs down!  woo hoo!  Now I am back up 1.8lbs!  boo hoo!  Time to get back on track...I loved being under that 20lb mark...it felt so good.  Now I feel sluggish due to lack of exercise and too much ice cream.   

    (side note:  I absolutely cannot resist ice cream in my freezer.  I haven't just randomly bought ice cream in soooooo long (I like skinny cow ice cream bars to get my fix) but I did last weekend (cookie dough EXPLOSION) and it's almost gone.  I just threw the rest of it in the trash.  I am helpless against the icy cream.)

    So as of today I am back on track.  Or trying to be.  I did exercise yesterday, thank God for water aerobics, so that's why I'm blogging today.  If I want to blog tomorrow I have to fit some exercise in sometime today.  I am also tracking what I eat again...trying to stay under 1600 calories.

    In an effort to bore the crap out of all of you, and eat more vegetables, I am going to post what I eat here every day.  Okay, as I type that I realize I probably won't do that...will take too much time.  I will give my final calorie count for the day, though, and maybe small excerpts from the food log.  I will tell you right now that I usually end up at least 100 calories over.  You see, when I started with sparkpeople I got 1700 calories.  I lost 20lbs and they cut my limit!  Bastards!  (that was for you Susan.)  :)  So in my mind/body I am soooooo used to 1700 that it's hard for me to eat less.  That and I am kind of a pig.

    Unfortunately I bought some whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread yesterday so I had to eat that for breakfast.  (it twisted my arm!)  I had 2 slices with 1/2 T of sunbutter smeared on each of them.  I also had 1/2 of a banana (salvaged off of the floor.  JUST KIDDING.) and will have some coffee soon.  That will put me at about 450 cal for breakfast (I like a lot of cream) which isn't great.  I am nice and full, though.

    So anyways.  I'd like to get back to where I was by next Wednesday.  I actually haven't been eating any worse than my other slider times but the not exercising is what gets me.  Oh, I should add that I've been going to water aerobics but that's it.  It's a good work out but not that good.  (oh man, that water felt so delicious last night.  hmmmmmm.  nice.)

    Wish me luck?  Anyone else struggling with summer pudge?


    Monday, July 18, 2011


    Ruby wore her blue and white polka dot dress for the first time yesterday and looked so darn cute.  She frequently collapses into a heap of tears and snot, shouting accusations of me not listening to her.

    James is being unbelievably sweet and cute and a good listener since we've been home.  (unless I am on the phone.  all bets are off when I am on the phone.  my being on the phone makes my children act like they are coming down off of a really bad trip.  why is that?)

    Nicky has been christened "icky Nicky" and is busy refreshing my memory about how moody and troublesome babies/toddlers can be.  He is throwing toys and biting and hollering at all of us.  Lucky for him he balances all of this out with huge doses of cuteness.  We all seem to call him Nicky now, by the way, the unfortunate spin off being "nicky noodle."  sigh. 

    We made burgers on the grill last night and James turned his into "crabby patties" with lettuce, mayo, pickles, ketchup and mustard.  He ate 2 of the 1/4lb burgers and just double checked with me that he can have another for lunch today.  He might like some cheese melted on it, too, okay?  The boy can sure put it away.  Where he puts it, we're not sure.

    ((It is hard blogging with all these darn kids around.  Who had all these kids, anyways?  oh yeah.  don't answer that.))

    It was just raining for a while and I was so happy that we might not go to swimming lessons.  It stopped raining but I am still unsure.  It amazes me how getting to a 10:30 swim lesson 5 minutes away can make me feel rushed.  :)  Ah, summer.

    It's going to be wicked hot this week.  I am in planning mode so we're not all going crazy by the end of it.  If you're around here, what are you doing to beat the heat this week?  I'm thinking madtown twisters, childrens museum, maybe even the mall.  gasp!  Also, I hope to get a sitter so I can take the big kids to the pool some afternoon and also let them each have a play date.  James wants to have 2 friends over for a sleep over...maybe on Thursday night.

    Ruby just woke up and is getting dressed.  James is standing next to me eating a yogurt parfait that he made with strawberries, bananas and 2 kinds of yogurt.  Nicky just chucked his banana across the room.  That is how he signs all done.  HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!


    Friday, July 15, 2011


    While this is a challenging summer for me in a few ways, it's also feeling like a very summery one.  Here is a list of summery things that are making me so happy this year:

    • the pool - we can't go as much as we'd like (fearless Nicky being the reason) so when we do get to go I feel incredibly lucky
    • water aerobics - there is something about walking into that nearly deserted changing room with its' white cinder block walls and open sky that feels so summery to me.  I love it.  I also love the quiet (aerobics are during adult open swim so NO kids) and the activity itself.
    • wine coolers - they are fun and tasty and still feel like an adult treat even though they are virtually harmless
    • grilling - our neighbors gave us their old gas grill and it's fun to have one again.  (we've used charcoal for our infrequent grilling the last few years.)
    • the patio - I sit out there every day for at least a few minutes, more when I can, and I love it.  I love our fence and am super thankful for the whole set up.
    • neighbor kids - as irritating as they can be (mine included), there is something about the noise of them playing outside that I love  (I should not have said that...I'm sure there will be screaming and tears within the next 5 minutes now.)
    • tank tops - chubby arms or not, I am wearing and loving them
    • community - I love seeing my friends up at the pool every day during swimming lessons.  I feel like such a "parent" and part of the community when I'm there.  I know that sounds silly but I like it.  :)
    What are you loving this summer?


    holy pictures, batman

    not very happy about the baby-proofing:
    babies in the kitchen:
    canal park is always a must for me:
    walking out to the lighthouse:

    grandpa & kids:
    jacob at subway:

    grandpa and all the grandkids:

    me and mine:

    grandma and nicky:  (the wind was blowing her hair)

    popsicle time:

    jacob loved scratching himself with this bottle brush...it was so cute:

    james & erin playing war:  (so good to see her and so sad we missed uncle thomas by a day or so.)
    who knew the babies loved corn cobs so much?



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