Monday, October 31, 2011

not how it's supposed to be

So.  I am feeling really sad this morning and need to shake it off if I can.  Nicky is at the babysitter's house!  I have time to sew and list stuff in my etsy shop.  bah.  All I really want to do is run away to the thrift store but I know that is irresponsible of me when there is stuff I really need to finish.

James was such a pill this morning.  Complaining about the new jacket that HE picked out.  sigh.  I need to think of a consequence for this because I cannot listen to him every morning.  I let those kids wear pretty much whatever they want pretty much ALL the time.  When I say sweatshirt weather is over, it's OVER.  (imagine me roaring and beating chest.) 

Jeez, you are thinking.  What's got into her???

Some of you know how James can be relentless sometimes and won't stop complaining until you've pretty much taken away his birthday.  That is hard to deal with calmly, especially at 7:30 am on a Monday.  And on a holiday where you tried so hard to make things special for him and his sister.  blech.

Also, it's Halloween and the babysitter is taking Nicky to the school to see the kindergartners parade around before lunch in their costumes.  (her son is in K also.)  How strange would it be for me to go and see Nicky there with another mom???  He would be so confused.  So Ruby will see Nicky there with Sarah (babysitter) and not me because I am hiding at home.  strange.  I don't feel bad about missing the parade itself because it is an unadvertised thing they do and I've already seen her in her costume for 2 events and will again tonight.  Still, the motherly guilt is there.  How is it for moms who work regularly and have to miss stuff?  so hard, I bet.

I'm feeling a bit better.  I always like to complain here sometimes just in case you ever think I am always happy.  :)

I hope you are having a good day so far.  Thank you to everyone who helped me out with the blog thing.  I think it's fixed now.  I liked that new format (that I first saw on Teresa's blog) but it had some kinks, for sure.  Back to basics for me.

xoxo and thanks for listening.

Friday, October 28, 2011

help me??

I need to know if my blog posts are coming through the readers.  Are they?  Also, if you come to my actual blog, is it really here??   Do you see the ghost header or a new look?  I suppose if it isn't here, I won't hear from anyone.  :)  Thanks for your help.

catching up

10.  open your windows::even on a cold day a little fresh air in the house will make you feel better. 

11.  better yet, go outside yourself!  Walk around the block or even your yard and thank God for your healthy body.  If your body is not healthy, then thank God for all the years that it was and for his grace that gets you through each day that it's not.

12.  bake something.  something good.

13.  and then share it.  Nothing will make a neighbor or friend happier than seeing A) your smiling face and B) the plate of muffins/cookies/bread in your hands.

14.  get off line by 9:00. (pm)  Nothing is happening on there that won't be happening tomorrow.  Trust me on this.  Spend the next hour or two with yourself, your spouse, a good book or asleep.

15.  think about Christmas.  It's right around the corner and a list/ideas/budget will only make preparations more enjoyable.

16.  call your local food bank and see if they need specific things.  I was surprised when I called ours and they suggested stuff like foil, saran wrap, napkins and ziploc bags.  huh.  makes sense, doesn't it?  Most of us take that stuff for granted but they become luxuries when you can't even afford to put food on the table.

17.  go shopping (preferably with your kids if they need a lesson in generosity like one of mine (in particular) does), get the stuff and drop it off.  say a prayer for the family that might come and pick it out.

18.  wash your sheets and blankets and hang them outside somewhere.  Even draped over patio chairs would work.  They will smell heavenly when you put them back on, especially at this time of year.

19.  speaking of beds, make yours and make it well.  you will thank yourself later.

20.  pick out one messy spot/drawer/shelf in your house and clean it.  Don't worry about organizing your whole house, just doing one little spot will make you feel better.  Count how many times you go and look at it over the next few days.  :)

21.  log off of facebook/twitter/pinterest for a day (or two).  It will be so much more enjoyable when you go back.  (I have a twitter account I don't use but can totally vouch that this works for the other two.)

22.  print out a favorite picture and frame it.  Walgreens & Wal Mart make this so easy to do online and you can usually pick your print up in about an hour.  Why do we put this off???  (we meaning me)

23.  Call up a friend and meet for coffee/lunch/shopping/walk.  Sometimes it seems like so much work to coordinate schedules and kids and naps and life but really, what's better than hanging out with someone you truly like and care about?  Not much.

24. don't eat meat for a day.  If you have the stomach for it, read about factory farming.  think about what you could sacrifice from your grocery list in order to afford healthier/more humane animal products.

25.  plan your meals out for the next week/2 weeks/month.  If you don't normally do this, I'd start with one week at a time.  I normally browse through my recipes (hard copies and online) and fill in a dinner idea for each day, Sunday-Saturday.  I then make my grocery list with the recipes right there in front of me, grouping things together on my list by sections of the grocery store I usually shop at.  (all dairy together, all produce together, etc.)  If I am wondering if I still have that barley in the cupboard I just write barley on my list with a check mark next to it.  Next time I'm in the kitchen I double check the barley status and either cross it off or leave it.  For me, trying to come up with something for dinner at dinner time is just torturous.  I feel so much better when I plan stuff out and have what I need on hand.  (and no, I don't always stick to my original daily plan, it's just a good starting point for me.)

26.  get up 30 minutes earlier.  Quiet time can be hard to come by and I find that a bit of sleepiness is a worthy trade for a hit of the good stuff.  (quiet)  Use that time to pray, write in a journal, exercise, make your coffee, look out the window...whatever you'd like.  It's a gift to yourself so make sure and enjoy it!

27.  make something!  Have you been neglecting a particular hobby or craft because there is a pile of unfinished projects of that variety in the corner?  Who cares!  Start another one and just let yourself enjoy the process.  (I would suggest doing something on the quick side so you can get that rush of completion.  It might spur you on to tackle some of the other stuff sitting there.)

28.  stretch.  touch toes, raise arms, etc.  Your body will thank you.


Holy cats!  How's that for a lot of words?  I would like to remind you that I am sharing things that make my life happier/better when I do them.  I do not do all of this stuff all of the time, okay?  But I wish I did.  If you are thinking this stuff is pretty basic, that's because it is.  I find that the most basic things are the most important to me and my life.


Thursday, October 27, 2011


The kids are both off of school today. 

Ruby and I were spelling words with Bananagram letters and James came to join us. 

He spelled out "ANTS BITE RUBYS BUTT" and told Ruby what it said.

She ignored him and kept working on the animal names we had started.

A minute later she quietly said to me, "Mom, you finish.  I have to take care of James," and violently flung herself across the footstool at him, catching both of us by surprise.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAa.  Oh, man.  She cracks me up.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

quick weekend recap

My weekend away was perfect. I loved it! I cannot even believe how quickly a 4.5 hour drive goes when you are by yourself and have a good book to listen to. It went by so fast! I loved it! The weather was beautiful. I loved it! (okay, I'll stop now with the I loved it!)

On Friday afternoon, Sarah and I took a beautiful walk and she treated me to a delicious coffee at the coolest little place.  We basically talked, talked, talked until bedtime.  It was so fun and I loved getting to know her husband a little bit.
On Saturday we got up and went to Jessica's house (her house is SO cute!) for Sarah's shower.  The shot below is staged but only because I just missed her doing this for real:
Here is my auntie Lee and my cousins:  Eryn, Sarah and Jessica:
Lee & Sarah:  (and baby Eden, in utero)
Here I am with my cousins, including sleeping cousin Rachel:
Here we are with awake Rachel and Jess' daughter Ivy:
Here is uncle Ben making us coffee (he always makes everyone coffee):
and Auntie Kristy with Jess' youngest, Sammy:
We basically talked all day on the shower day, too.  We ate delicious blueberry french toast, pumpkin scones, coffee and fruit.  We later went to Lee & Ben's house and stayed until 11:30pm laughing so hard my throat hurt and practicing embroidery stitches.  :)  Sarah and I didn't go to bed until 1:00am. 

On Sunday Sarah and Yed went to church and I went to my friend Cherie's house.  Guess what we did?  Yes, we talked and talked and ate some delicious pumpkin bread pudding with vanilla brown sugar sauce.  YUMMMMMM.  It was so good to see Cherie again.  It made me want to move next door to her so we could just hang out like we used to.  After that I drove home (again, it flew by) and was greeted by my loving family.  Ruby jumped into my arms and asked me to have some alone time right away.  James gave me a big hug.  Patrick grinned and hugged me and Nicky gave me the sweetest kisses all over my face.  (so sweet.)  Then he asked to nurse.  :/  He is still trying but there isn't much left...I bet we're done within a week. 

Overall, I loved my weekend away.  I loved seeing my family & friend (as always) and loved not being responsible for anyone but myself.  So grateful for all of it.


busy :: stop

back soon


hope all is well




Thursday, October 20, 2011

well, hello there.

I don't know what to say today but I'm sure I will think of something.  ;)

Tomorrow is the big day!  yippee!  I am nearly packed and am staying home today to do some baking and laundry folding and a bit of sewing.  Nicky is back to normal and, blessedly, sleeping through the night more nights than not.  I knew this would happen but I wasn't sure when.  I am so happy it is now!  His hair is long and (almost) flowing but it can surely wait until next week.

James had a friend over after school again yesterday.  I decided I want to always be the mom that will let the friends stay for dinner.  When I went up to ask his friend if he wanted to stay, James just beamed at me.  It made me feel so good.

Back to Nicky.  He was nursing yesterday and obviously not getting much.  He looked at me with big eyes and signed "more."  I said I was sorry but there wasn't any more.  He signed, "where?"  Ohhhh, baby, my heart.  The thing that is crazy is that I had almost this EXACT experience with James at almost this EXACT age.  James was nursing one day when he was 18 months old and obviously not getting much.  He signed MORE to me and I said I didn't have any more, that we could go get milk in a sippy.  He stopped nursing, got down off the bed and went downstairs.  He never nursed again.  Now Nicky did not give up that easily.  He nursed and nursed until he got a let down and wanted to nurse again later.  I do wonder what this weekend will do to my dwindling supply but I'm not worried about it.  Whatever happens will be fine.  I've loved to nurse him this long and would be fine with continuing or stopping.  (just so happy he's sleeping through the night!)  (Ruby nursed morning and night until she was over 2.  She must not have noticed when the supply reduced.  She was too busy twirling my hair, I guess.)

I want to write a lot more now that I'm warmed up but I really need to direct my energies elsewhere.  I will wish you a wonderful weekend now, in case I don't get back here.


okay, some pictures before I go:
I love this scarf but felt like I was wearing a bib when I wore it.  I love the fabric and frayed edges, though.  Any opinions?
 Nicky loves playing outside int he afternoons and was thrilled to have Ruby helping him swing this particular day:

 I love hat season!
 The straws are specially requested often:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I promise I'm not avoiding you

It's just that I helped in James' classroom last Friday (loved that) and then did a little thrifting and then picked up the kids and the house and had supper and drove to the airport to pick up the husband!  We were so happy to have him home again.  So happy.  Also, I enjoyed the week to "myself."  Which feels good.  Good to miss him, good to have some quiet evenings to myself and very good to have him home.  Nicky fell asleep on the way to the airport, stayed asleep in the stroller while waiting for him and getting him and his luggage and then kept sleeping while we put him back in the carseat and drove the 40 minutes home and then continued to sleep while we put him in his crib and then slept all night.  Tired, maybe?  So he didn't know Daddy was home until Saturday morning.  :)

Saturday was spent doing who knows what (oh, a long walk for me and Nicky and a movie date for Ruby and lots of legos and TV for James) while Patrick napped on and off.  I made fish sticks for dinner and James thanked me for making them as I never had before and Patrick admitted they were very good and we all ate them right up.  (except Ruby who was at a movie date but she wouldn't have eaten them anyways, I bet.)

Sunday was church in the morning for me and the big kids.  Nicky and Daddy stayed home with thick snot coming out of one of their noses.  After church we ate at Noodles and looked at winter jackets.  (I ended up getting both of their jackets online at Lands End for $100 total.  Kind of a lot but their jackets are such nice quality and they were on sale and I had a coupon and blah, blah, blah.  note to self:  remember to buy end of season sale jackets this year!!!)  Sunday afternoon was another walk and boy scouts and a trip to Walgreens for me to use some coupons.  It was fun...I got about $90 worth of stuff we needed for $29.  Not too bad for my first couponing experience in a very long time.

Yesterday was hellacious/good/hellacious.  It started with James complaining (loudly) about going to school from the moment his crusty little eyes popped open.  It was a long 40 minutes until he was out the door but I managed.  After that it was a mostly normal day for Nicky and I except he was super needy and wouldn't stop making this little noise he makes.  (it's kind of like "eh" and he does it in a higher pitch as a question and a lower pitch as a need and in the middle for EVERYTHING else.)  And then the kids got home and Ruby was an emotional mess and wild and Nicky wouldn't stop making that noise or get away from my legs and I had the tickling of a headache and it was *this close* to being too much for me.  Luckily I had put a delicious roast in the oven and Patrick got home on the early side.  whew.  Glad to put that day to bed.

I have a very important milestone coming up.  I am going away this weekend, for 2 nights, by myself, for the first time in over 18 months.  My little nursling will be fine, Patrick assures me, and I am going for it.  My darling cousintine is having her first baby and I get to be there to shower her.  Eeeeeek!  So excited.  I can't wait to see her and her belly and her husband and all the rest of my beloved family.  Super fun!  I am leaving at the butt crack of dawn on Friday.  Okay, not really.  I decided I would drive the kids to school and then hit the highway.  I didn't want to make my weekend too packed with stuff but I had a dream about my friend Cherie last night so I might see if she can meet me for lunch on Sunday.  It was so good to see her in my dream, I can't imagine what real life would be like.  :)

In sad/personal/highly annoying news, I have gained 3 pounds and it is just not going away.  I haven't been doing or not doing anything differently so it is really annoying.  Oh.  One thing is different...I have had my period for 3 weeks now.  I normally gain weight when I get my period but it goes away when it's over.  The thing is, this period isn't ending.  I got an IUD put in last month and they said this might happen.  (bleeding for up to 90 days for some women.)  I am just hoping that it ends sooner than later and that the extra weight goes with it.  ??  It's frustrating to be back up when I wanted to be down this month but I'm not sure what to do.  sigh.  At least my clothes still all fit me.  I'm not sure where this extra weight is, exactly.  I must be retaining water even though I'm drinking tons of it.  OH WELL.  right?

And with that I will sign off.  To exercise.  Nicky loves to watch me, actually.  :)  Oh, and I typed this whole (long, boring) post while he was playing by himself.  He must be feeling better today.  Thank God.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

pre-flu shot fun

I was scrolling through my pictures today and found these from the gym last week. Was that flu shot horror just last week? Yikes. Time flies when you're trying to forget a traumatic and humiliating experience.  Anyways. It is notoriously hard to get good photos in these gyms. I've never had much luck. (click that link to see tiny james.  so cute.)

Can you spot the nickers?
there he is.

We had the place practically to ourselves that day.  There was just one other girl and her annoying helicopter father there.  Seriously.  Do you have to run around and play with your daughter the whole time, pal?  You are making me A) nauseous and B) look bad.  (you can just see him in the foam pit in the last photo.  gah.  Yes, I went in the foam pit as well but not by choice.  Nicky ran full tilt down this trampoline right into it.  It was so cute that I guess I didn't mind fishing him out.)

Nicky and I had lunch with James at school today.  It was fun and I loved how happy James was to have us there.  Nicky went down for his nap as soon as we got home at noon.  The boy was tired.  I have been sewing and enjoying the quiet ever since.  (and maybe eating some nachos.  Nicky ate most of our pizza at school and mandarin oranges have never been my thing.)  I finally cut into my cashmere stash that I have been hoarding for years.  It is making me so happy and I have a couple of projects planned now.  Nothing super fancy but isn't anything involving cashmere kind of fancy?  It is to me. 

Two days ago marked the 5 year anniversary of my blog!  wow.  Time also flies when you go on and on about yourself, I guess.  This was one of my first posts.  I still love that picture.  If you look at the archives on the side it shows some posts in 2005 but those aren't real posts.  I just used random days to store some headers and stuff.  Just in case anyone thought I was making up my anniversary or something.  :)  I was so happy when I started blogging!  I loved sharing little tidbits with my mom, my first reader.  This gem from Oprah has always stayed with me and I've checked my poop for letters ever since.  And you have to go watch James eating his first sour patch kid. That video has had over 1000 views on YouTube.  (It is practically like those little girls singing that filthy Nicky Minaj song!) I mainly love being able to go back and read about our days together and the little things the kids have said.  

Ahhhhh, blogging.  xoxo

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

in every moment, thank God

Nicky enjoying some green smoothie the other morning. I love his little hands. love them.
We started draining the rain barrels on Monday.  Lots of fun.
I saved these from The Graphics Fairy and got them printed out at Walgreens.  The bat's head was cut off a bit but I don't mind.  I think the skull is my favorite.

Our beds smell so good.

I am behind on tips but there just hasn't been much time to blog this week.  This is my busy week where I volunteer in both classes and watch my friend's baby and Patrick is gone and there is a daisy scout hayride tonight (babysitter coming for boys so I can go with Ruby) and blah, blah, blah.  It's been a good week, though.  I haven't talked to Patrick since Monday but am tracking him through his debit card purchases.  :)  He is supposed to call later on today.

I talked to my sister earlier and told her I bought something last night to make something I've wanted to make for years and she told me SHE bought the SAME THING last week to make the SAME THING.  Now.  How do we do that?  Pretty funny.  I guess I can cross her off of my list of recipients.  :)  Do you wonder what we're making?  It's right here.

I sewed a (nother) scarf this week that I adore.  I will show you soon.  I would show you now but my camera battery is charging.

The kids loved the decorations...they were so surprised!  It was cute.  Dang it.  The sun is coming out.  I kind of wanted a gloomy day today.  I will just have to suffer through the sunshine.  ;)

Okay, here's a quick #9 before I go:

9.  be thankful.  every day.  I try to thank God for every good thing in my life and I think, no, I KNOW, it makes me feel better.  When you take a moment to say a prayer or make a list of things you're grateful for it reminds you of all the good things around you and where they all come from.  God loves to give us good stuff and loves to know we appreciate it.  I saw this on pinterest and it fit in so well:

(found here on pinterest)

I started this post hours ago and now Nicky is sleeping and I am going to do something.  I'm not sure what yet but something.  The clouds just came out, too.  perfect timing.  :)


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I started yesterday by gluing magnets onto some plastic spiders I got in the dollar spot at target ala Sarah.  Then I hung up the little pumpkin garland and realized my curtains weren't working for Halloween.  I had just found this length of polka dot knit at the dig so I stitched the ends together (because I want to use it for something else later on) and made a simple curtain.
This lamp wasn't really working for me but I loved the bandana!
Always fun to pull out my pillow covers.  Still love that fabric.
I ordered these straws off of etsy.  I just saw that she has polka dotted ones, too.  Oh dear.
I spray painted some dried willow branches and stuck them in some dirt from outside so they'd stay put.  This little bucket was also from the dollar spot.
Okay, that's much better.  One old lampshade + spray paint = happy afternoon.  The jelly beans around the candle are nearly gone already.  Ruby, Ruby, Ruby.
This was a white salt shaker.  I love him.
Bawk!  The kids loved this when they spotted it.
And my banner is up in the kitchen.
I messed around with this stuff all day.  It was so fun.

Now I am exhausted and am going to lie down for a while.  6:30 came awfully early today.


Monday, October 10, 2011

sleepy and snotty and london and veggies

I am getting a little bit tired of my gray blog background and even my header.  Nicky slept like crap last night due to a sick runny nose and (post-nasal drip) cough.  I overslept (quite happily...nice dreams) this morning so I drove the kids to school.  They were so happy.  Patrick is here when he should be here.  I miss him.  (he left yesterday and will return on Friday.)  Nicky and I are going to put up Halloween decorations today to surprise the children after school.  I am going to give you 3 more happy tips today because Teresa said she liked them.  Thank you, Teresa.  :)

8.  eat your fruits and veggies.  If you're not sure how much you should be eating, check here.  I don't think anyone would deny that we should be eating more of this stuff, that it is the best stuff for us, but it can be (strangely) hard to do sometimes.  Like when I floss, I feel SO GOOD when I am eating all my veggies.  One way to get them in is by drinking a green smoothie.  I've been a green smoothie fan for years but they definitely come and go in my food repertoire.  Lately my sister in law won't shut up about them so they are back on my radar.  (thanks Cheryl!  :) )  (her and her husband have each lost 5 lbs in the last 2 weeks by adding in green smoothies every morning!)  The last few mornings I've made smoothies with greek yogurt, oj, spinach, blueberries and chia seeds.  Before my day even starts I've gotten in 2 fruit servings and 1.5 veggie servings and that feels GOOD.  I plan on having baby carrots and tomatoes at lunch (2 more veg servings) , some strawberries for a snack and some kind of bean at dinner.  Done and done. 

I will be back later with my other 2 tips.  Nicky won't stop trying to blow raspberries on my belly and I need to change my kleenex shirt.


Friday, October 07, 2011

freebird friday

Nicky is at a new babysitter's house today. I felt so sad about dropping him off last night/this morning (like I have the other times) but as soon as I do, I am so happy. :) It's always hard to say goodbye to my little sidekick but a break sure is nice.

My mood improved greatly yesterday. Thank you for your comments and commiserations. Angry moms unite! :) 

I've been listing more stuff on etsy this morning, mostly vintage. I'm not really in the mood to sew today so I think I am going to take myself to lunch and the thrift store in a little while. I deserve it. :)

I listed this earlier in the week:
We had lunch down on State Street yesterday.  I love food carts.  My choice wasn't particularly good but the time overall was good enough to make up for it.  How beautiful is that view?  It was warm and windy and all those small golden leaves were raining down on lovely.
After Heidi and her daughter left, Nicky and I walked for a while.  When I saw a sign for Pumpkin Spice frozen yogurt at Red Mango, I had to stop.  Mmmmmmm.  So tangy and delicious.  (Nicky insists on his own spoon.)
And here is another item I listed this morning.  I love the chalkboard paint and I think it's a cute idea to leave little inspirational notes for yourself or your family.  I've had the mirror since August and after I saw The Help last month I had this vision:

You is!!


Thursday, October 06, 2011

p.s. number 7, a day early

7.  tell someone, or the whole internets, how you feel.  It feels so good sometimes to just say I AM CRABBY.

oh yeah, and my kid MAKES ME CRAZY sometimes.

If I had more time I would tell you how freaking batshit crazy James made me yesterday.  After a trip to Target to get a new toy and a fun open gym session, we went to get flu shots.  James LOST IT and was screaming and hollering and actually RAN AWAY and HID when it was time to get his shot.  I wanted to die.  It took 4 nurses and me to hold him down, cover his mouth, and give him his shot.  They were all so wonderful to me (the nurses) but the other people waiting gave me lots of snooty looks.  Maybe it was the way I was gripping James' arm as I dragged him back behind the curtain??  And they might have seen me muttering angrily to him but there's no way they could have known I told him I was taking away all of his legos if he dared run away from me again.  It wasn't like I was giving him an appendectomy without sedation, people.  It was a FLU SHOT.  jeez.

the end.


taking my own advice

Holy cats am I crabby today!  I think I owe you 3 days worth of happy tips and I really need them today.  I am meeting Heidi for lunch in 3 hours so I need to snap out of this shizzness pronto.  I'm going to:

4.  do one thing I've been putting off doing.  For me today, this is a few things:  shower, get dressed and clean my kitchen.  I know I will feel so much better after those things are done.

5.  light a candle.  It is a sunny day but I know that having a candle going in the kitchen while I clean will improve my mood with its cozy factor. 

6.  put on some good music.  So often I forget about music in the house.  Silly me.  Today I'm going to get my Mumford & Sons disc out of the van and put it on in the here.

Also, I'm going to love on my baby.  I know not everyone has a baby so this isn't an "official" tip.  If you happen to live nearby and want to love on my baby, that could be arranged as long as you aren't a creeper.

Funny.  I'm feeling better already.


Wednesday, October 05, 2011


This is just a mash up of assorted things on my mind/camera. (random + wednesday=randsday)

I love washi tape. It's basically decorative tape that started in Japan and now is everywhere. Here is some Cath Kidston stuff. (I had no idea there was so much Cath stuff on Amazon!!)  Anyways.  Because I have so many pieces of tiny vintage fabric that I love, I decided to make my own.  I just got a roll of double sided tape, cut the fabric to the proper width and stuck it on one side of the tape.  Easy.  Sadly, it doesn't really stick to my walls but I just used some specifically-for-walls stuff on the back and left the tape as is for the decorative effect.  Cute, isn't it?
Here is Ruby prepping lunches one morning.  The first few weeks of school had lots of drama in the mornings but now it's a lot better.  The secret?  I get them up 15 minutes earlier.  How easy is that?  :)  (but you see it took me three weeks to figure it out.  haha)  Not rushing makes everyone happier and there is usually even enough time to cut stuff.
messy nicky.
I made some coasters this week,
and a pillow cover.
And here is my bedroom wall.  I want to add more but am really happy with it so far.  I downloaded the 3 framed prints from IndieFixx and got them printed at Walgreens.  The frames came from either my basement or the thrift store.  (I've also just printed a couple 4x6s of stuff I've liked on Pinterest.) 
Nicky and I had a fab day yesterday at the thrift store (tons of scores!) and on a long walk on the UW bike bath.  I love taking Nicky for walks because A) he loves it and B) whenever someone jogs by us, he will start jogging.  It is the cutest freaking thing.  I love him.

Today the big kids have early release.  12:30 is going to come fast so I best get my butt moving if I want to finish anything around here today.

Have a great day, okay?


Tuesday, October 04, 2011

he is the best

Ruby took these pictures of Patrick on Saturday. I had no idea this even happened because James and I were behind her on the trail talking and she was totally silent during all of it. I laughed so hard when I saw them the next morning.  Patrick told me later that she took the first one and then just kept standing there, staring at him.  He waved and she took another and just waited so he started busting out all the moves.  I guess she would raise the camera, take his picture, lower the camera, watch him silently, repeat.

I'm not sure why but this made me fall even more in love with him.



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