the bird

Here is a late hello on this chilly Thursday afternoon.

We were all excited to watch my dad sell two of his amazing cars at Barrett Jackson last night.  One of them went for $46k and the other for $58k...pretty impressive!!  It's always so much fun to see and last night we had a family betting pool going so that was fun, too.  The kids stayed up late to see Grandpa (even though we only saw a glimpse of him) and eat chocolate pie.  They were happy.

The other day after I posted about using up all that food in my fridge, I found 3 nearly turned avocados in my crisper.  sigh.  After some googling I found and made some chocomole and served it to the kids after school.  All 3 of them loved it and James has been asking for more ever since.  I made him good old jello instant pudding last night (to fill the pie, mixed it with coconut milk) and he couldn't tell the difference.  :)  Try it, you might like it.

I will probably never write out the full story about Ruby from last Saturday night so here it is in a nutshell:  she gave Patrick the finger.  (yes, that finger and no, she didn't learn it from us!)  I have to give her some credit (here, not to her, of course) as the act, however naughty it was, was delivered with perfect timing and a perfectly straight face.  She looked rather put out as she gave her father the bird and Patrick and I looked at each other in total disbelief.  He acted swiftly and severely, although not too much so, and we laughed and laughed in our room later.  Our sweet little Ruby.  We've always known, it's always been there, in her. 

Aside from crude hand gestures, she has been just a doll lately.  Having her own space has proven to be very important to Ruby and she loves it so.  She will often go up to her room and just play, by herself, for an hour or more.  She loves setting up her little animals and her dollhouse and sitting at her desk making card after card after card for whichever friend happens to be on her mind that day.  She is making lots of progress with her reading and spelling and is more open to correction when she makes a mistake.  (which is often so this is a very good thing.)  My mom gave her 2 pairs of pants for Christmas that she actually likes (!!) and each morning she selects from a drawer full of cute and unstained shirts that make her mama very happy. (I weeded out the cruddy ones and she never even noticed.)  (I did keep her favorite Badgers jersey even though it is 3 sizes too big and she likes to wear it with nothing underneath.  shudder.)

Nicky is up from his nap so I've got to go.  The iron is plugged in over in the corner and that would not end well.

One last thing, dear ones.  Here are some coffee cups I got last week and I am so in love with their pattern.  Aren't they sweet?

Franciscan Ware, Del Mar, 1957 or so



  1. My Finn just typed (yup, we pulled out the typewriter this afternoon - so fun) a list of his 3 favorite things. "swaring" was number 3. I'm so proud.


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