I may or may not be avoiding this place but I may or may not be back.   We shall see how this "back in the saddle" post goes. 

I'm trying to get exercise back in on a regular basis (where it hasn't been since Christmas) and might be slightly bitter that there doesn't seem to be an easy way to do it.  I like to exercise in the morning (around 9am) but that's also when I normally blog but that's also when Nicky is all around me and I just don't know.  I feel like I need to get up early again to do it but am dragging my heels.  Luckily, I am exercising while dragging them.  Just not in the early morning hours and not as seriously as I'd like to be.  This week is about trying some things out.  Like, how does the boy respond to mama in the plank position, sweating.  Will he leave me alone or jump on my back?  I'd put my money on 2 but we will see.

I was also sick last week (a head cold) which I knew but didn't really realize until Saturday when I could finally relax and let myself feel crappy.  I took two naps on Saturday and felt better on Sunday.  Luckily so as Patrick threw his back out Sunday, mid-morning.  He stayed home from work yesterday (yay!  it was fun to have him here...we watched Moneyball.  Truly awesome movie.) and seems to be a little bit better.  I'm guessing he'll go in today but he's not up yet so I'm not sure.  oh.  He just got in the shower so he's going in.  I can't wait to see how he's feeling.  He sure was sweet to me last night.  happy sigh.

This is something I really like about Patrick:  I can tell him any old horrible thing I do or did or think and he doesn't judge me.  Like, at all.  He might tease me a little bit but I appreciate a good joke so that's alright with me.  I feel so fortunate.

Oh, I also asked him last weekend how much he thought I had spent at the thrift store this month.  His answer?  Twenty five bucks.  OH! how I laughed.  :)  My grand total was $206 and guess how much I made? So far, $215.00.  Woo hoo!  And I still have all that stuff for the sale in April and I brought two bags of women's clothes to a consignment shop yesterday.  A very good month, if I do say so myself.  I had fun shopping all month, had fun hanging out with my friend Heidi while shopping, and got TONS of stuff for myself and my family for not a dime out of pocket.  Well, wait.  My ebay fees were $15 so I guess I spent $6.  Pretty dang nice.  I wonder how Feb. will go???

Here's a partial list of what I thrifted for us in January, just in case you need proof (ahem.  mom.):

dress for Ruby for wedding
dress for me for wedding
jeans, shorts, shirt and heavy duty mittens for Patrick
3T columbia jacket for next year, nicky
fleeces for all 3 of my kids (lands end and old navy)
at least 6 summer shirts for me  (old navy, calvin klein, gap, banana republic, etc.)
4 summer dresses for me
2 summer pants for me
multiple shirts for ruby for now, summer and next year (like, at least 18)
pants, skirts and dresses for Ruby ( at least 2 of each)
jeans, shorts, swim trunks and tshirts for james (1 of each)
hoodie and shorts for nicky
art supplies
mini ironing board
lovely picture frame
ruby's desk and chair
hoodie for me
nwt cath kidston scarf for myself
cashmere scarf for brother in law
2 shirts for seester

Okay Nicky is up.  Have a good day, dear ones.



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