holy delicious, a.m. edition

While my parents were here I got my new issue of everyday food in the mail. While browsing through it, I saw a recipe for Denver Omelet Cups and I just so happened to have everything needed in my fridge.  I made these things THREE times over the next week.  They are that good.  And easy!  My Dad requested the recipe so I thought I'd post it here for everyone to enjoy.

I like that the hash browns need to cook for 15 minutes alone...that gives you time to get your veggies chopped up and ready to go for the next step.
I hope Martha doesn't come and kick my ass for posting images out of her magazine without asking.  I was far too lazy to type all of this up, you know?  I even risked it all and took some close ups so you could make everything out.

I do not have jumbo muffin tins so I first used glass bowls and the suggested bit of butter and the hash browns stuck a little bit more than I was comfortable with.  :)  The second and third times I used my corelle cereal bowls and sprayed them first with some non-stick spray.  They came out much easier and really browned up all over.  I really think anything smallish you can bake in will work here, just make sure and grease it up.  My eggs were done perfectly after 9 minutes, check them at 8 if you want your yolks runnier. 

This is a great recipe to change up with whatever veggies/meats/cheese/no meats/no cheese you'd like.  I even made one for James...just left the egg whites out of the hash browns and didn't crack the final egg on top.  Such a pretty and fool proof recipe! 




  1. Wow. Yum. Can I get a side of this with the chalkboard? :)


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